A Loose ‘Bear’ in the ICU

16 07 2007

Papa was admitted in the hospital on the 30th of June. This is because he went for an operation to take out his ‘bag pipe’ stomach thing in his tummy. Even though his operation is on the 4th of July but he asked to admitted much earlier because he said if the doctors wanted any tests they can take it and also have more time to prepare him for the operation.

The day that he was admitted, none of the consultants were there to see him so he said to go home and come back in the morning. The next day, Papa went to his room and on the table was a bed sign that said ‘LIQUID DIET‘. When he saw that he grumbled all day long. At least that grumbling became lesser in 6 hours because the room he wanted on the 4th floor was finally empty.

About 2 days later, Dato’ Haron went to his room with the American doctor, Dr. Paul Wizman. He said he was from Florida and that he has done over 2,000 cases like Papa’s. He said that Papa from then on had to be on liquid diet until the operation day. Papa’s grumbling started again.

Three days before the operation, Papa went to see Lars Olsen, a Danish man who was the first case they did in this batch in the ICU. Papa said he gave him a lot of comfort.

The day of the operation finally came. He was required to wear a green gown. Mama waited in the ICU/OT waiting room. Two and a half hours later, Dato’ Haron came out with Papa, unconscious on his bed into the ICU.


He woke up a while later and that was when he started to sound like a loose bear lost in the ICU. He started shouting and growling that he wanted to sit up, back pain and discomfort. Dr. Ibtisam, another surgeon who came in with him, said that his body is still sleeping and he cannot sit up.

John Armstrong, the guy Dato’ Haron and Dr. Wizman did before him, said that he thought there was a loose bear in the ICU. Lars, who was sleeping, was thinking ”What is going on here?”.

Later, we left the ICU and he fell asleep. When we came back again a while later, he woke up and he started shouting to take of the massager for his legs. The nurses there didn’t move from where and what they were doing.

The next night, he admitted he had shouted at the nurses there and joked that he would do it again.

So there’s the story about the Loose Bear in the ICU. Ill write about him when he came back to the ward…….




4 responses

17 07 2007

i hope you father(the loose bear) is doing well. we pray the best for him

17 07 2007

“the room he wanted on the 4th floor was finally empty.”

Take care of your dad !!

30 09 2007

Hello.. I found your blog while searching the internet for things about Dr. Wizman. I live in Florida and he was my surgeon as well. Your papa was very lucky to have such an excellent surgeon. Best wishes for your whole family! ~Haven

Hello! Good luck with your new life after the surgery!

21 04 2008

Paul Wizman was my surgeon too! Best wishes from Michael:

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