21 07 2009

I wonder if I even have readers still. Since it’s such a dead blog.

Anyway, I decided to make it alive again 😀 Even if no-one’s reading it. If you happen to stumble upon this again, I owe you one. Haha.

Okay. So. I’m blank. I don’t know what to blog about now. Oh, right. Yes. My friend from America came over the other day. Well, almost a month ago. But yeah, had great fun with her. Went to KLCC, KL Tower, a make-up tutorial, and the local swimming pool. 🙂

And now, in less then a week, PMR assesment. Or so I think it’s a PMR assesment. Either way, it’s an assesment with PMR subjects in it.

Oh oh yes! I do NOT want them to change it to BM in 2012. It is NOT fair that I’m doing my SPM in BM. Because I totally suck at it, and I’ll just fail. Fail. 80% I’ll pass if it’s in English, but BM’s like my worst nightmare. No no no. Totally against it. And so are my friends. Those you suck at BM too. Or maybe those who prefer English. So, yeah. That sucks.

Anyway, had my birthday last Friday. Yay. Had the St. Johns Division DU 10th Annual Dinner on the same day too. It was totally awesomeee! Everyone looked so pretty. The performances were great too. And the food. And the cake. Yeah, the cake was nice.

And yeah. That’s it. I’d be shocked if anyone actually reads this. But oh well. Haha. I’m laughing to myself. Whoots.




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