Celebrating Chinese New Year

10 02 2008

Yesterday evening, I went with my dad to Uncle Eric Woon’s house to celebrate Chinese New Year. I met my friend, Yean Hui, and her sister, Yean Yi. I also met their mother, Aunty Kim.


Their house was very spacious and nice. It turns out that Yean Hui, Yean Yi and Aunty Kim also play the piano. So anyways, they offered me and my dad some Mandarin oranges, some tarts and some crisps. We also drank apple juice together with the goods. cny-08-ii.jpg

Soon after, I went up with Yean Hui and we played internet for a while. Since Yean Hui and I have the same phone model, she showed me how to download music and all those stuff into the phone.

Unfortunately, later we had to go home. But we had loads of fun visiting them.

Thanks for having us over to your house!


9 02 2008

Two days ago, my friend, Syahana, came over. Papa said he will bring us swimming if the weather was alright. Since it was sunny, we left home and went straight to the club. Hana – as I call Syahana – had changed into our swimming clothes at home earlier so we only showered and then jumped straight into the pool.




We did that several times and after a while, we decided to have a swimming race. Soon, we were splashing about and taking pictures.

 splash1.jpg   splash4.jpg

Later, rain started pouring down so we all had to get out of the pool. We showered, and went to the restaurant next to the pool. We ate dinner there. Hana had Nasi Goreng Kampung and I had Nasi Goreng Cina. It was really delicious.

Afterwards, we sent Hana home in Kota Damansara.

I hope to have another day like this.