21 07 2009

I wonder if I even have readers still. Since it’s such a dead blog.

Anyway, I decided to make it alive again 😀 Even if no-one’s reading it. If you happen to stumble upon this again, I owe you one. Haha.

Okay. So. I’m blank. I don’t know what to blog about now. Oh, right. Yes. My friend from America came over the other day. Well, almost a month ago. But yeah, had great fun with her. Went to KLCC, KL Tower, a make-up tutorial, and the local swimming pool. 🙂

And now, in less then a week, PMR assesment. Or so I think it’s a PMR assesment. Either way, it’s an assesment with PMR subjects in it.

Oh oh yes! I do NOT want them to change it to BM in 2012. It is NOT fair that I’m doing my SPM in BM. Because I totally suck at it, and I’ll just fail. Fail. 80% I’ll pass if it’s in English, but BM’s like my worst nightmare. No no no. Totally against it. And so are my friends. Those you suck at BM too. Or maybe those who prefer English. So, yeah. That sucks.

Anyway, had my birthday last Friday. Yay. Had the St. Johns Division DU 10th Annual Dinner on the same day too. It was totally awesomeee! Everyone looked so pretty. The performances were great too. And the food. And the cake. Yeah, the cake was nice.

And yeah. That’s it. I’d be shocked if anyone actually reads this. But oh well. Haha. I’m laughing to myself. Whoots.

Camp :)

21 03 2009

Yeah people, so sorry I haven’t posted in a looooooong time. Been busy with school and blablabla.

So anyway, I went to camp the other day. Like, a month ago. St. Johns Division Camp. It was awesome, I gt colgate-ted and its long story.

After that, it was exam week. The week before holidays. So anxious now.

And I’m in training for the school’s girl basketball team for next year since I’m not experienced enough for this year.

I feel so lazy now. Ta-ta.

School School School

18 01 2009

yay, new school 🙂 SMK Damansara Utama, one of the best schools ever! Only, I’ve been to only one, SK Damansara Utama.
The school’s huge, you can easily get lost if you dont know it well enough.
But who cares, school’s school right?
Right, I hate the homework though, tons and tons of homework. And the math problem solving questions are really really funny.

Oh YEAH! I made new friends, YIPPEEE! They are Christina, Wei Wen and Zhen Ling. They are the main ones though, I got other friends too, but too many 😀 And are they awesome!

We all have got different trademarks, of course. But yeah, we are the crazy cempaka-ians of SMKDU! – and we’re proud of it 😀


wait, I think that’s it.
Alright, it’s the end then, byebye people (:

Happy New Year!

1 01 2009

p1000467Happy New Year!
May you have a nice 2009 (:
Byebye 2008,
Many memories, so hard to let go ;(
Life goes on, life goes on…
Time for a new chapter in life.
Anyway, have a new year, my fellow blog readers =)

a whole new year,
a whole new chapter,
a whole new me.

Lumix DMC-FZ28

26 12 2008

Dad bought new semi-pro Lumix camera, which he said for his forty first birthday, two months ago.
Brought it home and charged its battery.
Next day, he asked his daughter to fiddle with it.
Doesn’t look like much, yet again, it might be better then I think it is,” she thought as she read the manual.
Testing some pictures, she immediately realized how …. amazing it is.



It makes everything photogenic, especially cologne. I tested most on cologne, adjusting some of the ‘props’ around it. They look like perfume ads 0-0







enjoyy 😉

Christmas Party ;)

25 12 2008

Uncle Kenneth, my dad’s staff, hosted a Christmas Party. It was lovely. I met his family. There was a tent outside his house, and it was quite …. large. My dad said it looked like a wedding. dscn7752

After meeting his family outside, we went inside the house. He had a wine bar in his living room.

dscn77541Outside, there were a variety of food. After my dad and I got something to eat and a glass of fruit punch each, we went to sit at a table. Uncle Kenneth then went to get something to eat too and some beer to go along with it. His cousin came and sat at the table too.

After a while, and some chit chat, my dad decided to leave. It was quite a short period of time, but it was fun (:

Go-Kart Again

18 12 2008

Last Saturday, my dad brought me and one of my best friend, Huwaida, to go go-karting. It was her first time go-karting so she was a bit nervous. Because her sleeve was too short, I had to lend her my T-shirt.dscn7631

After my dad paid for the go-karts, we went to the go-karts. The ones available were numbers 1 and 7. I chose 7 because it was my lucky number 😉

So, anyways, I had to help Huwaida with the arm sock and my dad had to help her with her helmet since she’s new to this.

dscn7633Even though she was new to driving, even a go-kart, she drove faster than me.

Because it was raining earlier, there were puddles all over the track. Some were kinda big ones. I got splashed the most. Which was partly fun 😀

The time my dad paid for us was 20 minutes each, but after 10 minutes, he asked us to stop for a 2 minute break from the vibration. After that, we went back on track for another 10 minutes drive.

Later, she showered in my house and we went out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant near my house. It was delicious. After that, we sent Huwaida home. She kept on thanking us for giving her a go-karting experience. It was so much fun, hope i can go there with here again 😀