Dance Galore 2007

30 06 2007

Last Sunday was my concert day. My item is the sixth, Mazurka. I am wearing a gold and green ball gown. My hair is tied up in a bun and I am wearing a flat hat on my right side. Me and my group grouped together inside the dressing room. We felt stuffy so some of us, including me, went and played outside of the dressing room. Mrs. Low, who volunteered to organize my group, told us to line up outside a short while later.


Ms Toh, my teacher, has paired us up in pairs. My partner was Melanie Lim. We were the third pair. I had to line up behind her. In front of her is a girl named Adelyn Fang and her partner (in front of her) is my classmate’s sister, Mallorie Gan. Ms Toh will always get mixed up between their names. Anyway, as Natasha went up the stairs which led to the beside-stage, under Mrs. Low’s instructions, I felt butterflies in my stomach, only 3 or 2.

Later, when it was the item before mine, Hello Dolly, the butterflies had multiplied and there were 8. Wen it was my turn, the butterflies had become 15. I was so nervous. But to my relief, I started to calmly danced in front of 200 people. We had to dance without our spectacles on and Mama said that my classmates with specs, which were out at that time, were not focusing anywhere because everything was blur. My mum said Mallorie was obvious because her eyes were big and they were looking everywhere.


I messed up a few steps but the teacher said that if we made mistakes we just had to smile even more and just continue. I nearly missed the last pose as the music is the same. Luckily, my partner said “ruuuuuunnnn!” and I knew it was the last part because I think she knows that I will get confused because I cant see anything and the person next to her is also blur.

When we got backstage, Mrs. Low said go the to pick up place. Everyone ran there except for me, Mallorie, Adelyn, Zhi Qin and Kelly because we all couldn’t see where we were going and Kelly helped us. Once we were at the pick-up place, all our mums queued up to pick us all up.

After the first intermission, there is only 1 ballet item and after that its the second intermission. The only ballet between the intermission is a mixture of different dances and different music. It was magnificent! Some of the soloists were teachers, and some were students. One of the ‘famous’ soloist is Kok Pei Ling. She has danced in many dances before and has to carry a big travel bag just for her costumes. She also danced in a dance called I Finally Found Someone with another ‘famous’ soloist named Jacques Lebosse but that’s another story. In this dance, Pei Ling wears a blue cosette with a blue tutu.

After the second intermission, there is thins tap number called Stomp It Out. It is danced by two groups and 3 songs. At first, There were a few girls wearing blue jeans and jeans jacket. The 5 boys were wearing black T-shirts, dark coloured jeans or pants and a chain around the neck. The next group were all girls. There were two rows. The first row were wearing a white and black tank top, black pants, black hats and chains on one side of the pants. The back row was wearing the same except they were wearing white hats.

After that is another dance with only Pei Ling and Jacques. They danced to the tune of I’ve Finally Found Someone. Pei Lings wears a beautiful flowy white dress and Jacques wears a plain white shirt and plain white pants. In this dance, Jacques lifts Pei Ling high above his head.

Soon afterwards is a dance called ‘Waltz of the Flowers’. The tune is from Nutcracker and the soloist is my teacher, Ms Toh. She wore a beautiful gold corsette and a short, gold tutu. Besides her, there are two ‘assistants’. They wore white corsettes and blue long tutus While the other dances wore white corsettes with pink long tutus. If you saw them far from the top, they would look like dancing flowers with 3 different ones.

Finally it was the Finale. All the dances starting from the item after mine onward. It was a magical night….I wish to dance in one again and hopefully to attend the finale……

Taking My Feet Off Sabah

12 06 2007

Yesterday was my last day in Sabah. As usual, Mama and I went swimming but not the ususal swimming pool in front of our balcony, its the Pacific Magellan Club’s swimming pool. 1 of the pools is used for swimming races while the other is for kids because it has a slide. We went to the one with the slide. It is called the Infinity Pool because there is a stair like side where the water will go down and recycle. Opposite the stair like side is the marine. From a certain angle, it looks like the pool water is going down and mixing with the sea and going to the end of the world. But actually it isn’t.

After that, we went up and I had my last dip inside the bathtub while Mama was packing the bags. Our flight that day was at 1710. Immediately after I had a splash and actually bathed, we were ready to check out. Papa said that we are to buy more telur penyu, about 30 more. So after buying the turtle eggs, we went to the airport to check in our stuff, but first we stopped by the side so that Mama could keep the turtle eggs and organize a bit more stuff.


So Mama and me got off to check inn the bags while Papa waited because he wanted the aircon and also because he would be too tired to push the bags when I could be pushing the bags. Our bags were actually overloaded, because of the ice from the tiger prawns.

That was at 1500 so Papa called Uncle Lemboot and asked if they were at home but actually he was in a meeting and he said he would be out in and hour’s time. To kill the time, Papa brought us around Sabah. At last, we went to Uncle Lemboot’s apartment and waited for him to come home. We waited there doing nothing. A few minutes later, Uncle Lemboot called Papa and said to go to the airport since it is nearer to his meeting place and we would be there anyway.

When we got there, Aunty Noon bought us a little something – seashell potpourris. That was at 1600. We walked to the terminal and got into the waiting lounge. While waiting, Mama brought me to a shop to buy some postcards.

After buying 5 postcards, the people with children have to board first so I was the 3rd family with children to board the plane. The family before me was a family of 7 and the 1st one was a family of 3. dscn1148.jpg

During the flight, very nice stewardess’ treated us like royalty. There was a Japanese stewardess, named Mayumi, who made the Japanese announcements. She was very helpful because Mama got 2 seats in front in the middle row and 1 seat next to the window. Papa couldn’t fit in the seat in the middle row because the handrest cannot go up so Mayumi talked the Japanese man that was supposed to sit where I was sitting to the place next to Mama in the front.


When we reached the airport, Uncle Bazlan promised to pick us up so while waiting, Mama and me bought some chocolates for my cousins. When Uncle Bazlan came, he told us that he wanted to see a friend that was leaving and going back to Japan for a while. To kill the time, Papa drove around the airport. Once we got home, We were exhausted.

This holiday was great fun!

1…..2…..3 Days

10 06 2007

Its the third day in Sabah and I woke up to go swimming – again. After some pool-soaking time, Atok called me and asked me to buy telur penyu while I was updating my blog. I told Papa and he said to go turtle egg-hunting after this.

After another hour soaking in the bathtub which is full of water while Mama and Papa were getting ready, we are off to the Filipino Market.

Later, after Papa had parked the car in front of the Handicraft Market, we got down to buy turtle eggs, ikan terubok masin, telur ikan terubok masin and tiger prawns. Papa bought 120 turtle eggs, 25 ikan terubok asin and about 95 tails of tiger prawns. Atok was very happy when he got the news that we bought that all for him. After loading the 195 seafood into the Estima, Mama and I went off to buy pearls for Wan.

That evening, we went to the pool. After some time in the pool, we waded over to the pool bar and ate some french fries with a banana split. We also waded longer then we usually do so we got to see a beautiful sunset. We took a lot of pictures in and out of the pool, especially at sunset. Papa got some artistic pictures of Mama and me.

Then, as usual, we went to Garden Seafood to eat seafood. We ordered softshell crabs and deep fried squids. But the menu changed – Mama wanted red lobster because it was our last night there and also it was the special promotion that night. I ordered Chinese fried rice, as usual but Papa ordered it with chicken, squid and small prawns. When Papa first tasted the lobster, he was speechless until he slaped his thigh. After he found words, he said it was DELICIOUS. I also tasted that the softshell crab was nicer that day then the days before. I thought that the fish and crabs knew that this will be out last time eating at this restaurant and eating them so they made themselves taste good.

Now you know the routine to our holiday here at the Magellan Sutera Harbour.

2nd Day at Kota Kinabalu

6 06 2007

Today is the second day at Sabah. I went to the Filipino Market by the Sutera Harbour shuttle bus. Mama and me bought some pearls for me, Mama, Wan and mama’s friend. I bought pencil holders for my friends.

After that, Aunty Noon and Uncle Lemboot lent us their red Estima Toyota. The reasons are because they want to encourage us to go to the other places in Sabah and the other reason is because they are not here this Thursday.


Later in the day, we went swimming. We ordered a banana split and some fries. There was a mini restaurant at the edge of the pool. I love playing near the chairs there.

Then, we went to yesterday’s restaurant to eat dinner. I ate softshell crabs, Chinese fried rice and deep fried squids. Mama and Papa ate the softshell crabs, deep fried squids, mangrove crabs and geoduck shell. It was a delicious dinner.

Sabah, here I come!

6 06 2007

I came here to Sabah yesterday. I came here by a MAS aircraft, B737. The flight was actually to Labuan first, then Kota Kinabalu. The flight was at 0855 and it landed at 1235.

It was a very fun flight. The cabin crew gave us breakfast which was a choice between nasi lemak, roti canai or noodles with chicken. Mama and I chose roti canai but Papa asked for nasi lemak. We enjoyed our food very much. We are lucky because flying MAS, food is served and our seats are protected!

After that, we slept a little and when I woke up, it was giving an announcement to put on our seatbelts and get ready for landing. After waiting in the aircraft for 45 minutes, the plane was ready to take off and 20 minutes later, we were off the plane and already in Kota Kinabalu International Airport. Papa was breathless because the aircon was not on. Uncle Charles was waiting at the door to send us to our hotel.


Our hotel is called Sutera Harbour. We are staying at the Sutera Harbour Resort, The Magellan Sutera Harbour, the east side of Sutera Harbour. The west side is the Pacific Sutera Harbour, the city hotel. In the middle is the Sutera Harbour club. There are 2 pools here at the Magellan, 2 pools at the club and 2 pools at the Pacific But we can also swim at the club because it is connected to the Magellan. I don’t know whether the Pacific have access to the club pools or not. We are staying in a room where the 4 pools are on either side of us. Behind the block are the club pools.

Last night, we went to have dinner at a restaurant. Papa’s friend, Uncle Lemboot brought  us there. It was called Happy Garden restaurant. we can choose our food.

I ordered Chinese fried rice but Papa, Mama, Uncle Lemboot and Aunty Noon ordered prawns, softshell crabs, grouper fish, rock crab and siput tarik.

It was a very fun day…

My Favorite Movies and TV Series

2 06 2007

Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and Captain Barbossa were fighting on a wrecked ship in a whirl pool.

Will : “Will you marry me?”

[swords clashing]

Elizabeth : “I don’t think now’s the best time!”

[swords clashing]

Will : “Now may be the only time! I love you. I’ve made my choice. What’s yours?”

[Long pause]

Elizabeth : “Barbossa! Barbossa, marry us”

Captain Barbossa : “Can’t you see I’m a little busy?”

[swords clashing]

Elizabeth : “Please…”

[swords clashing]

Captain Barbossa : “Well then…..”

[Captain Barbossa kills an enemy]

Captain Barbossa : “I, Captain Barbossa, thee wed William Turner and Elizabeth Swann.”

Will                         : “Elizabeth Swann, do you take me to be your husband?”

[swords clashing]

Elizabeth               : “I do.”

Will                         : “Great!”

[swords clashing]

Elizabeth               : “Will Turner, do you take me to be your wife, in sickness and in health,                                      with health being less likely?”

Will                         : “I do.”

[swords clashing]

Captain Barbossa : “Now, you may kiss…..”

[swords clashing]

Captain Barbossa : “You may kiss…..”

[swords clashing]

Captain Barbossa : “Arrgh, just kiss!”

Do you know where the dialogue above came from? It came from Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End, also known as Pirates of the Caribbean 3. This movie is my favourite movie. I saw it at One Utama New Wing, with my aunty last weekend. It is a very thrilling movie, but some of the characters are disgusting.


Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite movie. I think it is funny and a little bit scary at the same time. The funniest character is Captain Jack Sparrow, at times also Elizabeth Swann, Captain Barbossa and William Turner

I actually don’t have a favorite TV series but I can name the ones that I love. My father introduced My Family and Keeping Up Appearances, two British comedies. The cartoons are Hannah Montana, Stanley, The Simpsons and Unfabulous. I also watch American Idol. My mum says that she likes the contestants’ singing because they have quality and they can entertain us.

Sometimes, I’ll spend hours and hours infront of the TV. To discourage me from doing that, my mother will say that my eyes are getting square-ish, like the shape of the TV screen. That works sometimes. I’ll read a book or do something else then to make my eyes normal again. But I always wonder – how come Mama never say that Papa’s eyes are getting square-ish.

My Family is about a family of five but their daughter’s friend also stay with them. They are Ben, Susan, Jamie, Nick and Michael Harper and Abby. Ben Harper is a dentist with an irritating neighbour.

Keeping up Appearances is about an old couple named Hyacinthe and Richard Bucket. Hyacinthe changed the pronunciation of her last name, from bucket to bouquet. She will get mad whenever a person call her Mrs. Bucket, she will correct the pronunciation to Mrs. Bouquet.

Hannah Montana is about a girl who’s name is Miley Stewart, lives a normal life and go to a normal school. But she huge secret that she is a pop singer. The only people who knows that secret are her father, Billy Ray Stewart, her brother, Jackson Stewart and her best friends, Lily and Oliver.

Stanley is about a boy who has The Great Big Book of Everything. He has a pet talking goldfish named Dennis. He also has a cat names Elsie and Harry, his dog. He will always want to learn about an animal or plant so he will check about it in The Great Big Book of Everything. Papa says that the children who watches Stanley will learn a new fact of a living-thing that they haven’t known in the past.

Unfabulous is about a girl called Addie Singer. She was one of the unpopular girls who wanted to be one. She has 2 best friends, Gina and Zack. They lie to each other but always work out together in the end.

I guess you guys know about The Simpsons, but I’ll talk about it. Its about a family that has a weird father, Homer Simpson, a skateboarding son, Bart Simpson, a smart daughter, Lisa Simpson and a yellow mother, Marge Simpson. They make a really funny family and you would love the TV series.

What’s your favorite movie and TV series?