Lat Was Here

18 08 2007

Papa just bought me a book called ‘Lat Was Here’. He wanted to introduce me to Lat. He just bought all 9 Lat books from Borders, in The Curve. I just started but after even 5 pages, I couldn’t stop laughing! Imagine, which hospital would ask the physiotherapy patients to walk in this ‘lorong’ and pay a toll??? I mean with the bandages there and here, and some will find it hard to walk……who would do such a thing?


I know who, the doctor in the real life Lat’s head. The other laugh-my-head-off cartoon goes like this:

Narration: Dr. Ling Liong Sik goes to work.


That guy is the ‘Dr. Ling Liong Sik’ and he is saying: “HALO! I’ll be late to office this morning! AA! Too many passengers laaa. AI YAAAA!!!”

That isn’t very relaxing for be because I have too use so much energy to laugh at the comics and I can’t help myself.


Papa says Lat is very old and the writer drew himself. His name isn’t actually Lat but his father called him ‘bulat’ because he is a rounded guy. The nickname from that nickname is Lat so that was how Lat was called, well, Lat. His comics are HILARIOUS! I’m sure you all know that. Papa said he would buy me a whole collection….yay me!




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19 08 2007

Dearest Aishah,

Hah! The Lat collection. Growing up, my late father & I used to laugh into the wee hours of the morning while reading Lat’s comic books. Enjoy yours dearest… And thank you so much for the blogroll. Now, do you mind if I link your blog from mine?

Take care and love ya!!

p/s: really2 hope to see you on Tuesday

21 08 2007
Biggum Dogmannsteinberg


You should finish all the Lats in your collection, including my old ones.


21 08 2007


who else can be more malaysian than the ’rounded guy’ himself?

just for your info, aishah, his first book ‘the kampung boy’ was actually about his life as the kampung boy. that was one of his first. Dr Who? is his latest.

22 08 2007
A Voice (from Another Brick in the Wall)

My faouvirite too. I wish one day, Lat can make my caricuture.

5 09 2007

Red…Blue…Green… Yellow there!!

Did you know that Matt Groening (of The Simpsons) read Lat’s cartoons and animations even before he started the Simpsons? That’s inspiring huh! Well, Malaysian always CAN (Boleh) do it! Take care gurl. Love ya

Chu Cha-cha

Love you too!

25 04 2009

I also have a few.. I got my first from my cousin’s hand-me-down.. At first it is just like usual comic to me but after reading it, I enjoyed it so much as it is very honest…

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