dsc025461Aishah. Thirteen on July 17th. Obsessed with Phineas & Ferb, Danny Gokey and Skandar Keynes. Y’know, the ‘Narnia dude‘. Is committed to Taylor Swift. Loses herself in vampire stories and black-covered books. Chocolate makes her drunk. Baskin Robbins make her woozy. Movies and youtube relaxes her. Believes she talks more then she breathes in school. Likes to call herself a retard, even though some people are against it.

Somehow, everything above makes complete sense.


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24 08 2007
Jeffrey Chew

Touching and heart-warming. Put many politicians we have today to shame. Continue writing. I am dedicating today’s blog of mine in appreciation of your very simple but important message.

4 09 2007

My beautiful girl.

where ever you are right now;
let my shadow follow your step.

but I hide, from you;
let me follow your dream, but cast me away from your sight.

just open your heart;
and I will follow its beats.

My beautiful girl;
please, hear me, and let me say I Love You…

13 09 2007

wow.. aishah…
u r such a amazing gurl..
welll.. keep it up…
glory Tun M…aishah..awoen..:)
all the best gurl..hope to hear ur name thereee….University…get at u want

21 09 2007

little girl…nationalist, i have o trust in them, no matter what.
So, what say u?

14 10 2007

Well I was suprised that a young girl like you had already created your own blog. But I will support any Malaysian who are not afraid to express his or her views constructively nor matter how controversial it appear to be . You share the same name (well only the middle name) with my eldest daughter,her name is Nur Aisya Ardyla. Aisya and Aishah. All the best to you Aishah.

30 10 2007

Salam aisyah! I am so proud of you sweet! Oh yea, FYI, I adore Tun So much! I love Tun Mahathir. He’s such a great man. I’m goin to link you in my blog…

-Kak Farahshila-

Thank you Kak Farah!

1 03 2009
Michael Tim

I love your site! 🙂

Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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