Perth Perth Perth

30 11 2008

Okay, so i skipped a week of school.


And it was ultra-awesome!

So, Perth, we went there on my grandma’s birthday. The crew made a birthday card for her – it was quite pretty though, considering the limited resources they had. They gave us some fruit dessert as a replacement for a birthday cake.

There, we did so many things. We went to Caversham Wildlife Park and watched some kelpie dogs muster sheep into a pen. And we also saw a shepherd sheering a sheep. They also demonstrated how shepherds crack whips.

We also went shopping – LOTS of shopping. I shopped for clothes, lots and lots of clothes.

There, I went for walks with my grandpa and helped my mum cook my dinners. My dinner were the same everyday, CHICKEN KATSU yummm ! 😉

Soon, we had to go home. But the week’s been awesome. Then, I came back , and 12 hours later, I got the best shock of my life 😉


14 11 2008

WHOA! Tell me I’m in reality ’cause I just got 5A‘s , WOOOOOOOHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!


wokaayy, now I’m just kinda over-reacting.

But hey, a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, ‘aight’ ? 😉

1st Day In Singapore

1 11 2008

So, continuing the previous post, my dad brought us to saty in Singapore for the weekend. Although it was suppose to be Uncle Kenneth and my dad’s weekend break, they gave it up for us – thank you! We stayed at Elizabeth Hotel. It was also my parents’ honeymoon hotel, so after 13 years of marriage, they were quite happy to come back.

That Saturday morning, – we shifted there on Friday night – my dad went back to Johor Bahru for the Bank Negara exhibition. So my mum and I had the day to us. She wanted to go to Tangs so we decided to walk down to Orchard Road, go walk around for a bit, and take a taxi back up to the hotel. So, we went past some buildings including York Hotel, Mount Elizabeth Hospital, Paragon and Lucky Plaza. It actually felt like I was walking in London.

So anyway, we went into Tangs to try and fins something to buy for my friends. But we didn’t find anything to buy for my friends there. So we went to Lucky Plaze instead. There, I got a Chocolate McD ice-cream with extra chocolate topping. In Lucky Plaza, I finally found some souvenirs to buy for my friends – frames for my girls and coins & Singapore stamps for the guys. My mum also bought some small pouches and fridge magnets. After Lucky Plaza, we stopped in Paragon.

Since we were in there, my mum wanted to see Marks & Spencer. Soon after that, we went to Metro. There were many new High School Musical merchandise since the third movie had just come out in cinemas. There, my mum bought Hannah Montana T-shirt dresses for my cousins.

Then, we decided to go to the Singapore Science Centre by MRT. From the MRT station, we took a cab to the Science Centre. A big Tyranosaurus Rex was dutied to greet people. There were also some special effects given to make the T-Rex look more alive.

Since we only have 2 hours to spare, my mum and I decided to buy tickets for the Science Display only. Once I stepped into the Science Gallery, there were pretty awesome things. And by awesome, i mean AWESOME!

So anyway, we got to see only some from the exhibitions becuase my dad was already at the hotel and he planned to go to Mustafa. And so, after a few other exhibitions, we took a cab to the MRT station. We then rode a train to Farrer Park. My mum wanted to eat briyani rice at a restaurant near Mustafa since that place is famous for briyani rice. Unfortunately, the briyani rice there had finished. So we shifted to another briyani rice shop. There too was out of briyani rice – wow, many people must LOVE briyani rice. Finally, we went to another shop. We ate there instead.

After that, we thought about waiting for a cab at Mustafa. But the wait was too long, so people started to take the cabs in the line. We then got away from the line. After a few minutes, we FINALLY got a cab. He took us back to Elizabeth Hotel.

After we went up, got showered and changed into fresh clothes, we went back out to Takashimaya. Now, I didn’t actually expect my dad to bring me to Takashimaya just to overcome my curiosity. He wanted to check out the bags to buy for my mum. While they browse through the handbag section, I wandered over to the purse section. It was really expensive. WHOA. Later, I wanted to go to the toys section – I wanted to see how cool and how expensive they were. Then, I saw stickers hung on a rack. I remembered my dad’s cousin from Johor had bought some kind of stickers from Takashimaya and I had always wanted it. So, I saw it, and I took a silver and pink alphabetic one, and black ‘Alice In Wonderland’ stickers. They were S$9.05. So, since my dad said ‘okay’, I bought it – using his money of course.

Then, we went to Mustafa because he wanted to buy my mum a new handphone since she had lost hers in KLIA on the way here. We also bought some basmati to bring back home. After a little wandering and stuff, we found my dad in the belt section. By that time, I was already tired. So, my dad gave the car keys to my mum and told her to bring me to the car. When we go to the car, I was really tired. I lied down and intended to rest. But the next time I awoke, we were infront of Elizabeth Hotel’s lobby.

That’s the end of the day…