Dance Galore 2007

30 06 2007

Last Sunday was my concert day. My item is the sixth, Mazurka. I am wearing a gold and green ball gown. My hair is tied up in a bun and I am wearing a flat hat on my right side. Me and my group grouped together inside the dressing room. We felt stuffy so some of us, including me, went and played outside of the dressing room. Mrs. Low, who volunteered to organize my group, told us to line up outside a short while later.


Ms Toh, my teacher, has paired us up in pairs. My partner was Melanie Lim. We were the third pair. I had to line up behind her. In front of her is a girl named Adelyn Fang and her partner (in front of her) is my classmate’s sister, Mallorie Gan. Ms Toh will always get mixed up between their names. Anyway, as Natasha went up the stairs which led to the beside-stage, under Mrs. Low’s instructions, I felt butterflies in my stomach, only 3 or 2.

Later, when it was the item before mine, Hello Dolly, the butterflies had multiplied and there were 8. Wen it was my turn, the butterflies had become 15. I was so nervous. But to my relief, I started to calmly danced in front of 200 people. We had to dance without our spectacles on and Mama said that my classmates with specs, which were out at that time, were not focusing anywhere because everything was blur. My mum said Mallorie was obvious because her eyes were big and they were looking everywhere.


I messed up a few steps but the teacher said that if we made mistakes we just had to smile even more and just continue. I nearly missed the last pose as the music is the same. Luckily, my partner said “ruuuuuunnnn!” and I knew it was the last part because I think she knows that I will get confused because I cant see anything and the person next to her is also blur.

When we got backstage, Mrs. Low said go the to pick up place. Everyone ran there except for me, Mallorie, Adelyn, Zhi Qin and Kelly because we all couldn’t see where we were going and Kelly helped us. Once we were at the pick-up place, all our mums queued up to pick us all up.

After the first intermission, there is only 1 ballet item and after that its the second intermission. The only ballet between the intermission is a mixture of different dances and different music. It was magnificent! Some of the soloists were teachers, and some were students. One of the ‘famous’ soloist is Kok Pei Ling. She has danced in many dances before and has to carry a big travel bag just for her costumes. She also danced in a dance called I Finally Found Someone with another ‘famous’ soloist named Jacques Lebosse but that’s another story. In this dance, Pei Ling wears a blue cosette with a blue tutu.

After the second intermission, there is thins tap number called Stomp It Out. It is danced by two groups and 3 songs. At first, There were a few girls wearing blue jeans and jeans jacket. The 5 boys were wearing black T-shirts, dark coloured jeans or pants and a chain around the neck. The next group were all girls. There were two rows. The first row were wearing a white and black tank top, black pants, black hats and chains on one side of the pants. The back row was wearing the same except they were wearing white hats.

After that is another dance with only Pei Ling and Jacques. They danced to the tune of I’ve Finally Found Someone. Pei Lings wears a beautiful flowy white dress and Jacques wears a plain white shirt and plain white pants. In this dance, Jacques lifts Pei Ling high above his head.

Soon afterwards is a dance called ‘Waltz of the Flowers’. The tune is from Nutcracker and the soloist is my teacher, Ms Toh. She wore a beautiful gold corsette and a short, gold tutu. Besides her, there are two ‘assistants’. They wore white corsettes and blue long tutus While the other dances wore white corsettes with pink long tutus. If you saw them far from the top, they would look like dancing flowers with 3 different ones.

Finally it was the Finale. All the dances starting from the item after mine onward. It was a magical night….I wish to dance in one again and hopefully to attend the finale……




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2 07 2007
The Lordship

I am sorry to hijack the topic but I need your father’s phone no. I lost my handphone that stored his no. Please e-mail his no. to me

Thank you and takecare.

7 07 2007

Dear Girl,
How’s your daddy? Hope he’s recuperating well. I’ve been following his blog and appreciate his writings. My doa for his well being

11 07 2007

Hi Aishah,
we met while we visited your dad at the Specialist Hospital.
MY girls did ballet too but I guess they won’t go as far as you have gone, as we have decided to stop their ballet lessons after Kindy.
Keep going and its a good thing that you are still at it, makes your ole folks proud, I’m sure!

Uncle Alliedmartster!

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