Happy Birthday to ME!!!!

17 07 2007

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to me,

Happy birthday to Aishah,

Happy birthday to me

Its my birthday today, July 17th! Although my aunt has already sent me my package with my presents inside and the pharmacist has given me 3 presents, I am still looking forward for the other presents. I didn’t go to school today because I am lazy.

My aunt lives in Bandar Utama but I insisted that she send me a package so she promised me to send one that contains my birthday presents. She gave me a pink diary, a green bottle, a red heart-shaped tuppaware, a fluffy purse and a small white teddy bear that you can hang onto your phone. She also baked me a snowman chocolate cake decorated with M ‘n’ Ms. The pharmacist gave me a brown teddy bear that can stick onto your car window, a fluffy purse and a bubblegum taste lip balm. My aunt’s friend, Aunty Maddie, gave me heart-shape butterfly clips. She is fond of pink and red hand phones. My grandmother gave me a diamond ring she bought at Habib Jewellers. My grandfather bought a microscope set for me and before that, we went to an Ogawa outlet and the staff there gave me a small massager. Papa bought an iPod for me a few months ago.

Today, my parents made me RRN – Room Registered Nurse – because I am the one who checks Papa’s blood sugar level and injects some kind of medicine into his tummy.


Just now, when we went to the Ogawa outlet, we went to Secret Recipe to buy me cake. It was the moist chocolate cake. I insisted that my aunt wrote the lettering ‘Happy Birthday Princess Aishah’. It was delicious. I told my mother to save the ‘Princess Aishah’ because I always liked to save my name whenever I buy a cake with my name on it.

After that, I had fun experimenting with the microscope. There was a plastic slide with rabbit fur, sheep wool, goose feathers and camel hair. It was weird looking at it. Later, when I wanted to look at something else, Papa asked me to bring down his glucometer to prick his finger and look at his blood. It was strange……….but fun!

And now, I have to sleep because I have promised Papa that I have to go to school tomorrow because I didn’t go to school today.




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26 07 2007

Happy belated birthday!!

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