Piano and Ballet Concert

31 05 2007

I was very excited and nervous. It’s Jean Gan Academy of Ballet and Music’s charity event – Dance Galore 2005. This is not the first time I’m performing on stage infront of 800 people.

My mother sent me to ballet and piano classes at Jean Gan. I started ballet at the age of 4, April 2000 and piano at the age of 7, December 2003. Jean Gan organizes a ballet concert every 2 years. Th most recent concert in 2005, they asked the piano students to play piano at the start of the concert. I was one of the students who played the piano.


In that concert, I participated in three different items which is piano, ballet and choir. It was my first concert that i played my piano in. The title of the song that I played was “Swans in the Lake”. There was about 15 people that played the piano. Two of them played a duet and both also played a single. They were 16 then. They both played pieces along with CDs but 1 of them messed up and cried backstage because she was scared that her father would have scolded her.

While I was changing into my ballet uniform, there were a number of other ballets and tap dances. Then, it was my turn. My dance was called “Zip-A-Dee Doo Dah”. I had to wear a country-like dress and tie my hair into a half ponytail.

dcp_1235.jpgBetween my ballet and choir performance, there was only one tap dance so I had to change quickly. My choir uniform was a white blouse, a white skirt, white socks and black shoes. I also had to wear a white headband and had to pin three blue ribbons on my blose and five blue ribbons on my skirt. That was the girls’ uniform. The boys had to wear a white shirt, white braces, white trousers and black shoes.

While we sang the songs, they dances before that had to go down the stairs to another room where our parents would come to bring us our clothes and give us some water.

It was a great concert and I am happy that i participated in it 🙂




One response

31 05 2007
ena samad

hi aishah,

i remember my first ballet concert. it was called “Evening of Ballet and Music”. I performed a dance called “Swan Lake”.
That was a very long time ago. But I can still remember the steps and the music.
It was such an enchanting evening.

Dance evenings are always so wonderful.
Glad you enjoyed yours.

Take Care

Ena Samad

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