My Trip to France

31 05 2007

My father brought me to Paris 3 years ago. Papa rented a Citroen Picasso and we drove straight from Paris Charles De Gaulle Airport to Cherbourg. We spent 4 days in Cherbourg. We stayed at Papa’s friend, Uncle Mustaffa’s house. He had a son, Faza, and a daughter, Elissa. If I woke up early, Uncle Mus would invite me to send Faza to school.


One of the 4 days in Cherbourg, Uncle Mus brought us to Normandy beach where the World War II took place.


After spending 4 days in Cherbourg, we drove to Paris. There, we checked into the hotel first. The hotel room was very small and unlike any local hotel rooms here. After we had went up to our room and put away the bags, Papa drove us to eat lunch. My father dropped off me and my mum at a Lebanese Restaurant, near Moulin Rouge.

While we were in Paris, my father brought us for a city tour and to the Eiffel Tower. Although I didn’t get to go up to the top, I was already happy to be there. It was a hot summer day in Paris and it felt a lot like Kuala Lumpur. While my father sat down on a bench, my mum and me went to the souvenir shop. We bought erasers, key chains, fridge magnets and postcards. After that, Papa treated me with ice-cream.

We spent the last day in France at Disneyland Paris. On the way to Disneyland, we stopped by to change our tickets at the MAS Office. We stayed at a new hotel. It was a very memorable trip.




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31 05 2007
ena samad

First let me say that I used to have a Citroen. It was a citroen ZX. I had to sell it off because it gave me so much problem.

Second, I’d like to say that I love Paris…. I can speak a little French!
Comment Ca Vas, petite madame?

25 08 2007

bonjour mlle. Salam untuk ur father!! From late uncle Mus’s friend.

Cherbourg 2003/07
Brest 2007/0?

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