The Joy of Reading

31 05 2007

My passion for reading started even before I started to speak. Right now, the books that I’m reading are Nancy Drew Mysteries, Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit, My Secret Unicorn by Linda Chapman and Jacqueline Wilson books. I think that one reason I have a passion to read is because I was a calm and quiet little cat, even now. And maybe another reason is because the people around me also read books so I think that is where I get my inspiration from.

There was this one book, a count-one-to-ten teddy bear book that I couldn’t get enough of. I would bring it to Papa every now and then. Papa would read it. After a while, he began to grew tired of it and instead of reading it with enthusiasm, he reads it in a very lazy and boring manner. Mama actually didn’t have to tell me the story because I had already memorised the story about the bears. I must have read the book everyday. I can tell, because every page of it was torn and being taped back together and dog-eared.

I began reading Sunshine Books even before I entered my kindergarten, Sri Manja. I liked Sunshine Books because it has a wide spectrum and variety of topics. From Space to Weather Charts, from Rain, to Eggshell Garden, to The Face Sandwich. In fact, I made my own eggshell garden with my aunt. Then, I would plant some seeds into empty eggshells. Then, the seeds would become plants, which is the eggshell’s “hair”.

I think the importance of reading is that you can learn a new word everyday – that is, if you read a book everyday. Other than that, you can learn the spelling of words and it may inspire you to maybe write your own book later in the future.




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