My Favorite Movies and TV Series

2 06 2007

Will Turner, Elizabeth Swann and Captain Barbossa were fighting on a wrecked ship in a whirl pool.

Will : “Will you marry me?”

[swords clashing]

Elizabeth : “I don’t think now’s the best time!”

[swords clashing]

Will : “Now may be the only time! I love you. I’ve made my choice. What’s yours?”

[Long pause]

Elizabeth : “Barbossa! Barbossa, marry us”

Captain Barbossa : “Can’t you see I’m a little busy?”

[swords clashing]

Elizabeth : “Please…”

[swords clashing]

Captain Barbossa : “Well then…..”

[Captain Barbossa kills an enemy]

Captain Barbossa : “I, Captain Barbossa, thee wed William Turner and Elizabeth Swann.”

Will                         : “Elizabeth Swann, do you take me to be your husband?”

[swords clashing]

Elizabeth               : “I do.”

Will                         : “Great!”

[swords clashing]

Elizabeth               : “Will Turner, do you take me to be your wife, in sickness and in health,                                      with health being less likely?”

Will                         : “I do.”

[swords clashing]

Captain Barbossa : “Now, you may kiss…..”

[swords clashing]

Captain Barbossa : “You may kiss…..”

[swords clashing]

Captain Barbossa : “Arrgh, just kiss!”

Do you know where the dialogue above came from? It came from Pirates of the Caribbean : At World’s End, also known as Pirates of the Caribbean 3. This movie is my favourite movie. I saw it at One Utama New Wing, with my aunty last weekend. It is a very thrilling movie, but some of the characters are disgusting.


Pirates of the Caribbean is my favorite movie. I think it is funny and a little bit scary at the same time. The funniest character is Captain Jack Sparrow, at times also Elizabeth Swann, Captain Barbossa and William Turner

I actually don’t have a favorite TV series but I can name the ones that I love. My father introduced My Family and Keeping Up Appearances, two British comedies. The cartoons are Hannah Montana, Stanley, The Simpsons and Unfabulous. I also watch American Idol. My mum says that she likes the contestants’ singing because they have quality and they can entertain us.

Sometimes, I’ll spend hours and hours infront of the TV. To discourage me from doing that, my mother will say that my eyes are getting square-ish, like the shape of the TV screen. That works sometimes. I’ll read a book or do something else then to make my eyes normal again. But I always wonder – how come Mama never say that Papa’s eyes are getting square-ish.

My Family is about a family of five but their daughter’s friend also stay with them. They are Ben, Susan, Jamie, Nick and Michael Harper and Abby. Ben Harper is a dentist with an irritating neighbour.

Keeping up Appearances is about an old couple named Hyacinthe and Richard Bucket. Hyacinthe changed the pronunciation of her last name, from bucket to bouquet. She will get mad whenever a person call her Mrs. Bucket, she will correct the pronunciation to Mrs. Bouquet.

Hannah Montana is about a girl who’s name is Miley Stewart, lives a normal life and go to a normal school. But she huge secret that she is a pop singer. The only people who knows that secret are her father, Billy Ray Stewart, her brother, Jackson Stewart and her best friends, Lily and Oliver.

Stanley is about a boy who has The Great Big Book of Everything. He has a pet talking goldfish named Dennis. He also has a cat names Elsie and Harry, his dog. He will always want to learn about an animal or plant so he will check about it in The Great Big Book of Everything. Papa says that the children who watches Stanley will learn a new fact of a living-thing that they haven’t known in the past.

Unfabulous is about a girl called Addie Singer. She was one of the unpopular girls who wanted to be one. She has 2 best friends, Gina and Zack. They lie to each other but always work out together in the end.

I guess you guys know about The Simpsons, but I’ll talk about it. Its about a family that has a weird father, Homer Simpson, a skateboarding son, Bart Simpson, a smart daughter, Lisa Simpson and a yellow mother, Marge Simpson. They make a really funny family and you would love the TV series.

What’s your favorite movie and TV series?




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2 06 2007
Biggum Dogmannsteinberg

Mine are the comedies like My Family, My Hero, Keeping Up Appearances, Frasier, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, King of Queens, Drew Carey Show, Cheers, Blackadder, Yes Minister and later, Yes Prime Minister and also some of the British serials, The Hustle, Spooks and Ultimate Force. 🙂

5 06 2007
A Voice

I just saw the link to your blog on your dad’s blog.

THanks for linking me in yr blogroll. Will you actually be reading mine, uncle rocky and anutie nuraina’s blog.

Its all adult and socio-political stuff … boring.

7 06 2007

not many blogs are for young people like me. Maybe I should learn politics…..

26 08 2007
STUBHUB Tips, Tricks and Tools


Great Point, Excellent Post, Great Blog, Cool Info

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