The Magic of Music

31 05 2007

To me, music is magic. The ones that I like helps me when I’m emotional. Even modern hip-hop and pop music calms me through these emotional moments. Right now, my favorite songs are “Smack That” and “Lonely” by Akon and “Somewhere” originally by Barbara Streisand, but currently sang by Il Divo. Somehow, my favorite music always changes because I think I will listen to another song on the radio and forget my previous favorite.

When I was 2 years old, I could sing “Hanyalah Satu” by Nora, the whole song but out of tune! I think it was because my mother liked the song so much and keeps on playing it in the car. I even went to see Nora sing at the Sri Melayu Restaurant. When I got back from the SUKOM in September 1998, I sang that song and my grandfather teased me, questioning whether I had sang the song correctly. Then my aunty said “Dia memang out-of-tune Bah(Dad), tapi satu lagu tu dia hafal!”.

According to Mama, she used to sing to me when I was in her womb.

“Mama ada Baby, Baby ada Mama, Papa ada Baby, Baby ada Papa,”

When I was born, my mother would sing to me John Denver’s “You Are My Sunshine, My only sunshine, You make me happy, When skies are blue, you’ll never know Dear, How much I love you, Please don’t take my sunshine away…”

When I started to go to kindergarten, to wake me up for school, she would sing “Wake up Girl, Come on Girl, Girl, Girl….”

There was another song that would wake me up, it was “Pop Goes The Weasel”. Whenever Papa or Mama would play the videotape, I would be jumping up to the beat of the song. Even when I’m fast asleep, I would stand up and pay full attention to the song.

In fact, that was how I memorized the Sunshine Books – it was sung to me – all the verses in the books – “a banana for you, a banana for me, a banana for monkey, up in the tree.”

I remembered going for my ballet classes when I was 4 in my mother’s car, and we would sing about the things that we see all the way there – “I can see cars, I can see cars, hi ho the dairy oh, I can see cars.” “I can see Police Station,……….” then trees, and buses and so forth.

Even before I could speak, I remembered being in Papa’s car, whenever I see a bus, I would gesture with my hand in a circular motion and saying “uh, uh”, pestering any adult in the car to sing “The Wheels On The Bus go round and round, round and round, round and round, The wheels on the bus go round and round, all day long…..”

Music, music and more music. I’ll still think they’re magic no matter what!




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1 06 2007

How old are you girl? From what I have read, you really love music. Good, music is good for the soul. It calms you. I see you are blogging already. Thats good too. Blog about the world and about what you like best and by the way your dad is a famous blogger too you know.

1 06 2007

I will be turning 11 on july 17. thank you for the good stuff that you said.

1 06 2007

Hi Aishah, I know you were a bit shy last tuesday at Aunty Maria’s. But I like the way you bit your dad when he teased you. That was a lovely post about songs….I have three grandsons in Bahamas and I sang Elvis Wooden Heart to put them to sleep. I get angry if one is not asleep after the tenth repetition of the song.Thank God I dont have to do that anymore (at least not in the Bahamas. You allowed me to call you darling remember. Bye darling. Uncle Bernard.

1 06 2007
ena samad

do you remember incy wincy spider went up the ……….?

Aishah, it’s good that you love music.. music makes the world go round, music calms the soul. but there’s something i don’t like.. i can’t stand.. techno! they call it music. i don’t. it’s noise.

3 07 2007

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6 07 2007

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