Go-Kart Again

18 12 2008

Last Saturday, my dad brought me and one of my best friend, Huwaida, to go go-karting. It was her first time go-karting so she was a bit nervous. Because her sleeve was too short, I had to lend her my T-shirt.dscn7631

After my dad paid for the go-karts, we went to the go-karts. The ones available were numbers 1 and 7. I chose 7 because it was my lucky number πŸ˜‰

So, anyways, I had to help Huwaida with the arm sock and my dad had to help her with her helmet since she’s new to this.

dscn7633Even though she was new to driving, even a go-kart, she drove faster than me.

Because it was raining earlier, there were puddles all over the track. Some were kinda big ones. I got splashed the most. Which was partly fun πŸ˜€

The time my dad paid for us was 20 minutes each, but after 10 minutes, he asked us to stop for a 2 minute break from the vibration. After that, we went back on track for another 10 minutes drive.

Later, she showered in my house and we went out for dinner at a Japanese restaurant near my house. It was delicious. After that, we sent Huwaida home. She kept on thanking us for giving her a go-karting experience. It was so much fun, hope i can go there with here again πŸ˜€




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