A Famosa Fun!

19 03 2008

Yesterday, mybest friend Syahana – or as I usually call her Hana – came over. My dad thought it would be fun to go to Alor Gajah so he arranged a trip to Melaka. We immediately contacted her mom to approve permission. When her mother said yes, we all started packing.


The entrance to the water world was the same one as the entrance to the Animal Safari. On our way to the Water World entrance, we passed a baby elephant. My dad bought us some sugar canes to feed the friendly animal. It was trained to bow in a way of saying *Thank You*.


We went to the wave pool first. We had loads of fun. There were waves and it was fantastic!


Soon, it started to rain. We headed off to the Side Walk Cafe to rest for a while. We ate our KFC lunch we had bought earlier before we started our journey.

When the rain had *calmed down*, my mom took us to the Lazy River and the Arabian Village, where there were slides. It was so much fun! We hope to go there again!!




3 responses

24 03 2008

looks like ur having fun..keep on blogging girl~ =)

3 04 2008

Hai aishah,
A famosa mmg mmg best. I went there once during my school years in mrsm jasin long before. mase tu baru je bukak. takde mende2 pun lagi. skrg mesti dah banyak develop kan?
have fun dear,..(^^)

8 05 2008

Nice blog.. i like it… mind to exchange link with me?

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