Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

26 05 2008

Today folks, I was in Ballarat. It was a 2-hour drive from the city of Melbourne. How tiring it was!

When we reached there, there were school kids from at least 4 or 5 different school. On our way to the entrance, we passed a small gift shop with a toilet and some beautiful souvenirs. My dad wanted to go to the toilet so in the mean time, I ventured into the shop and looked at some jewellery.

Later, we walked on towards the ticket counter. There was this elderly lady dressed in a green vintage dress. She gave us each a map. Apparently, everyone in the whole town was dressed as if it was the 19th century. Even the buildings were nothing like what we have now. The attention to details is really amazing!

Its like travelling back in time!

After my dad paid for the tickets, we went into the town. The people had made it look like it was in the

1850’s. The workers there were dressed in vintage clothes.

It was very interesting. We waited patiently for the musket firing demonstration. The ‘policeman’ there was very sarcastic.

Later, while we waited for the ‘red coats’ march, we went on a carriage ride. There were four big horses pulling it. It was loads of fun, though it was only for five minutes and it cost us AUD 13.50.

After that, my mom and I went to Tinsmiths. A shop that sells brass and copper products. We also bought some nice initialized handkerchiefs from the silk and garment store, next to the Tinsmiths.

Soon, the red coats came out and marched. When they stopped, three of them – there were only 5 of them : the captain, a drummer and 3 soldiers – got ready to fire their pistols. It was very loud and they asked us to put our fingers in our ears.

It was a very memorial ceremony.

Later, I insisted on going to the gold mining place where we can take can plates and pretend that we’re actual gold miners. This is what it was how they prospected for gold.

It was a lot of fun.

How it feels to go into the world of Ballarat in the 1850’s!

We had a meal in one of the restaurants there. It was very 19th century, as my dad says.

There, we ended our day in Sovereign Hill. It has a lot of memories for us to remember forever.

Melbourne, Australia

25 05 2008

Melbourne, Melbourne and more Melbourne!

That’s what I’ve been seeing today. First of all, my dad decided that I – and also my mom – should experience going to the Queen Victoria Market on a tram.

At first, my dad asked the person driving it for the tickets but the man just pointed at the back. My dad didn’t get it at first but while we were walking to find a seat, he saw this man putting his ticket into this some kind of machine. My dad asked the man and he said we can get our tickets at the back.

As we walked, we saw a big machine which looks like a ticket machine. My mom went to get a seat while my dad tried to figure out the ticket-machine. He tried to follow the instruction but it was really confusing. He asked a teenager nearby how it worked and she practically did it for him.

After he got two adult tickets and one child ticket, we went to find a seat near my mom. We waited until we were at a stop near the market and got off.

We went inside and bought 3 boomerangs, 5 T-shirts and 8 packets of koala clips. Soon, the extra bag we brought to fill the shopping things in was full. We were satisfied and went home.

Later, my dad wanted to go to the Mornington Peninsula. It was a long drive from Parkville. I slept halfway there.

When we got there, there was a long – and I mean long – stretch of beach. The water was really clear. There were also lots of bathing houses of all shapes – especially colours! It was very, very colourful.

After that, we went to Schnapper Point. It was beautiful there. I could see big, orange jellyfish, starfish that looked like the glow-in-the-dark ones and a very, very large stingray. There were two people getting ready to dive. The oxygen tank was obviously very heavy.

Later, when we finished looking at the gigantic stingrays, we headed off to a nearby restaurant called ‘Schnappers’. The food there were very delicious. My dad ordered a plate of fish and chips, a cup of hot chocolate for my mom and a glass of milkshake for me.

Before we went home, my mom and I went to see where a narrow staircase leaded to. The staircase was actually leading to a small circular balcony where you can see the peer, the ocean and the bay itself. It was a beautiful sight.

The was another few steps leading upwards towards a monument. I insisted to go there and see what it was.

It was actually a monument meant for the memory of Captain Matthew Flinders (1748 – 1814) who was a navigator. That was another lovely view of the ocean and the peer.

There was also a compass like thing which shows the directions of certain places and its distance from there. Melbourne City was 42km from that point.

After that, we went to find the airport so that  we would not get lost on Tuesday night.

Later, we headed to Park Squire.

That was the end of the day. I really hope to go to Schnappes Point again!

Melbourne Zoo!

24 05 2008

Melbourne Zoo was our plan for the day. The animals wee categorized in groups such as tropical animals, Australian animals and so forth. The way they lined up these animals were in loops.

We passed through the gates at 11.05am and were just in time for the ‘Meet the Keepers’ briefing about wombats. It was supposed to be at 11.30am. But instead of going there straight away as that animal was on the other side of the zoo, we decided to stay and listen to the meerkat briefing at 11.45am.

My mom and dad drinking coffee while waiting for the meerkat briefing

The meerkat was very cute and I learned a lot about them from the briefing. In the next pen was some Quokkas, a species of a wallaby. It was munching away, eating its breakfast – or lunch, I don’t know. The pen across the Quokkas was a red panda. I heard that it was very rare and is an endangered species.

After that, we passed some tree-kangaroos and some baboons, we arrived at the main road. We stopped for a while and continued our adventure. Next, we went to the Platypusary. The were a pair of platypus but one of them was more active then the other. That one was swimming all around the tank as if it knows its picture was getting taken. Actually, cameras were not allowed but most people used theirs anyway.

We walked on and arrived at the kangaroo pen. There was a railing that stopped the kangaroos from crossing to the other side. All of them were lazing around, eating grass.

After that, we passed the giraffes, the zebras and an emu. All of them were in the same pen. We had to pass that pen in order to go to the koala pen. There was another ‘Meet the Keepers’ briefing on koalas at 3.30pm which was in 10 minutes time.

The keeper said that there were three koalas in sight and they were an 8- year-old male, Mellow, a 6-year-old female, Lily and a 3-year-old female, Alice. He said that they took koalas that were in trauma. Alice was one of them and he said that she has already improved. Alice’s mother was killed by a car and they found her clinging to her mother. By that time, she was 2 months old, I think.

The only thing they eat are eucalyptus leaves. There are about 800 species of them and about 50 of them are edible. The koalas can find them anywhere they go. They are the only animals eating that plant so they don’t have any competition among them and other animals.

After that, we went to see the wombats. We only saw one and it was curled up sleeping. That wombat was in its pen. We followed the path and we went into burrow-like tunnels because it was supposed to be how the wombats ‘houses’ look like. There, we saw another sleeping wombat. That one was called the hairy-nosed wombat I think.

That was a really exciting – and of course, tiring! – adventure for me and to my parents too. I hope to come here again and try to be at all the ‘Meet the Keepers’ briefing!

After the Melbourne Zoo, Papa took us straight to Melbourne City centre. He asked Mama to go look for my gandma’s ‘telekong bag’. She wanted something with “Australia” written on it. When we got there, Papa drove towards DFO on Spencer Street. The police stopped us as there was a game at the Telstra Dome, next to the DFO. So Papa parked at Bourke Street and we walked a block towards DFO.

We finaly got her something nice. When we ‘collect’ Bourke Street, I saw a Papa at a coffee place on  Melbourne Tram upclose. It was really something new as I never seen a ‘train’ on a street before. It was also almost dark then. So on the way home, we stopped by at the Macca Halal Meats fr some chicken and Safeway supermarket for some groceries, both on Racecourse Road. We bought a lot supply of ‘Tims Tams’ for give aways, back home.

Celebrating Chinese New Year

10 02 2008

Yesterday evening, I went with my dad to Uncle Eric Woon’s house to celebrate Chinese New Year. I met my friend, Yean Hui, and her sister, Yean Yi. I also met their mother, Aunty Kim.


Their house was very spacious and nice. It turns out that Yean Hui, Yean Yi and Aunty Kim also play the piano. So anyways, they offered me and my dad some Mandarin oranges, some tarts and some crisps. We also drank apple juice together with the goods. cny-08-ii.jpg

Soon after, I went up with Yean Hui and we played internet for a while. Since Yean Hui and I have the same phone model, she showed me how to download music and all those stuff into the phone.

Unfortunately, later we had to go home. But we had loads of fun visiting them.

Thanks for having us over to your house!

The Holiday:Day 3

19 10 2007

This day, my aunt, uncle and grandparents were supposedly to go back Kuala Lumpur. So we had a Super Soaker Party in the pool. Although my cousins and me had a hard time pumping the Super Soakers, we had a fantastic time splashing about. We played that for about 2 hours non-stop soaking.


Later, when my family had departed, Papa, Mama and me went to my grandmother’s house to eat lunch. There, we ate nasi beriyani with my all time favorite, fried chicken.

Then, we went to Papa’s friend’s house. He just got a baby last year and her name is Alysha. Papa asked me to call him Uncle Ketyl. From his real name, Fadhil.

So anyway, it was a very short day so we went back and the day finished.

A Loose ‘Bear’ in the ICU

16 07 2007

Papa was admitted in the hospital on the 30th of June. This is because he went for an operation to take out his ‘bag pipe’ stomach thing in his tummy. Even though his operation is on the 4th of July but he asked to admitted much earlier because he said if the doctors wanted any tests they can take it and also have more time to prepare him for the operation.

The day that he was admitted, none of the consultants were there to see him so he said to go home and come back in the morning. The next day, Papa went to his room and on the table was a bed sign that said ‘LIQUID DIET‘. When he saw that he grumbled all day long. At least that grumbling became lesser in 6 hours because the room he wanted on the 4th floor was finally empty.

About 2 days later, Dato’ Haron went to his room with the American doctor, Dr. Paul Wizman. He said he was from Florida and that he has done over 2,000 cases like Papa’s. He said that Papa from then on had to be on liquid diet until the operation day. Papa’s grumbling started again.

Three days before the operation, Papa went to see Lars Olsen, a Danish man who was the first case they did in this batch in the ICU. Papa said he gave him a lot of comfort.

The day of the operation finally came. He was required to wear a green gown. Mama waited in the ICU/OT waiting room. Two and a half hours later, Dato’ Haron came out with Papa, unconscious on his bed into the ICU.


He woke up a while later and that was when he started to sound like a loose bear lost in the ICU. He started shouting and growling that he wanted to sit up, back pain and discomfort. Dr. Ibtisam, another surgeon who came in with him, said that his body is still sleeping and he cannot sit up.

John Armstrong, the guy Dato’ Haron and Dr. Wizman did before him, said that he thought there was a loose bear in the ICU. Lars, who was sleeping, was thinking ”What is going on here?”.

Later, we left the ICU and he fell asleep. When we came back again a while later, he woke up and he started shouting to take of the massager for his legs. The nurses there didn’t move from where and what they were doing.

The next night, he admitted he had shouted at the nurses there and joked that he would do it again.

So there’s the story about the Loose Bear in the ICU. Ill write about him when he came back to the ward…….

The Joy of Reading

31 05 2007

My passion for reading started even before I started to speak. Right now, the books that I’m reading are Nancy Drew Mysteries, Beatrix Potter and Peter Rabbit, My Secret Unicorn by Linda Chapman and Jacqueline Wilson books. I think that one reason I have a passion to read is because I was a calm and quiet little cat, even now. And maybe another reason is because the people around me also read books so I think that is where I get my inspiration from.

There was this one book, a count-one-to-ten teddy bear book that I couldn’t get enough of. I would bring it to Papa every now and then. Papa would read it. After a while, he began to grew tired of it and instead of reading it with enthusiasm, he reads it in a very lazy and boring manner. Mama actually didn’t have to tell me the story because I had already memorised the story about the bears. I must have read the book everyday. I can tell, because every page of it was torn and being taped back together and dog-eared.

I began reading Sunshine Books even before I entered my kindergarten, Sri Manja. I liked Sunshine Books because it has a wide spectrum and variety of topics. From Space to Weather Charts, from Rain, to Eggshell Garden, to The Face Sandwich. In fact, I made my own eggshell garden with my aunt. Then, I would plant some seeds into empty eggshells. Then, the seeds would become plants, which is the eggshell’s “hair”.

I think the importance of reading is that you can learn a new word everyday – that is, if you read a book everyday. Other than that, you can learn the spelling of words and it may inspire you to maybe write your own book later in the future.