Hospital Holidays

6 12 2007

Since my grandfather did an un-scheduled heart-bypass surgery(21st Nov.) in the beginning of my school hols, my holidays are now spent at the hospital. Me, my mum and my aunt are taking ‘shifts’ sleeping in the hospital. I haven’t been blogging that much as I leave home early in the morning and come back late at night.

We have been having picnics at the hospital and literally making it our second home. My maid will cook dinner for us and ‘ala carte’ for my grandfather. But sometimes me and my cousin will buy food from the canteen downstairs (the food is so delicious!).

Anyway, my grandfather had been coughing a lot as he was a smoker. But last week’s Tuesday, when my grandfather had another one of his bad-bad-bad cough, his old blood ozed out from the gap in his chest wound. Luckily, his cardiologist, Dr. Daud, was there and immediately sent for the Emergency nurses. So he had to do another surgery onĀ  3rd Dec. which was to stitch back his chest bone.

But at least now my dad has found a place where there is internet connection, I have been able to contact my friends through the Yahoo chat. My classmate’s mum is working as a nurse here and her son (my classmate, Avyi) always hangs out at the chairs in front of the suite that my grandfather is in as his family member is admitted in the room next door. And now I’m much more happier then before. And my grandfather may be going out next week so that’s good news………..hope that happens!

P. Ramlee, the Musical

29 10 2007

Last Friday night, Papa brought me to watch P.Ramlee the Musical. Papa, Mama and me were supposed to sit in the upper circle while my grandparents sat at the main seats. Since my grandfather didn’t want to go, he had asked my aunt to replace him. When I found out about this thing – which was the theatre day – I begged my aunt to let me sit at the main seats with my grandmother and her to replace me in the upper circle. Mama said I was lucky to not sit upstairs as they could only see the heads and voices only.


So anyway, the main casts were Sean Ghazi (P.Ramlee), Liza Hanim (Saloma), Atilia (Junaidah), Melissa Saila (Norizan) and the special appearance, Siti Nurhaliza (Azizah).The co-stars were Wan Kenari Ibrahim (D Harris), Joseph Gonzales (BS Rajhans), Chedd Eddie Yusoff (Sukardi), Zeqhty Nattrah Ramli (Junainah), Mohd Fauzuly Hamdan Tahir (Sukarmaji) and Colin Kirton and Douglas Lim (Run Run and Runme Shaw). But my favorite cast are the children. They act three by three. The night I was present was Muhammad Syafie Naswip – also Mukhsin from the Malay movie ‘Mukhsin’ – (Ramlee), Emeer Iskandar (Sukardi) and Rachel Wesley (Azizah). The other nights would be Mikhil Merican (Ramlee), Wan Ramzizul Zaimi (Sukardi) and Nurazliana Haslin (Azizah).

The show was magnificent! I was a bit amazed of how Sean Ghazi looks and sounds like P.Ramlee. And – for the first time – I knew who P.Ramlee married first and that he liked Azizah since they were in Primary school.


My favorite characters that night was P.Ramlee and Norizan. The reason I liked the character Norizan is because that I liked the way she sang, shouted and half-ran around P.Ramlee’s ‘room’ in the old-fashioned ‘baju ikan duyung‘. That particular scene was amazing. The other scenes that I love were the scenes when they were children and the scenes about Saloma and P.Ramlee. It was simply fantastic!

How I wish I could turn back time and watch that show over and over again!

The Holiday:Day 2

19 10 2007

Day 2

We got up early to go swimming. We either wake up early and go swimming or wake up a bit later because that day, we planned to go to Singapore, my mum’s hometown (Papa wanted to leave at 11 am, no delays). After, about an hour, we (me and Aliya) grumpily got out of the pool. We dried ourselves and went u to our rooms. We dropped off my aunt and Aliya at level 7, where their room is.

It was a long way to the causeway, plus the traffic jam there. My aunt and Aliya followed us too. Aliya took a short nap on the way, as for me, I think I did. But I did remember I closed my eyes.

At the causeway, there is only one thing that I love there, which is watching them stamp the passports. As some of you might have guess, I’m the kind of person that loves everything. Especially clerk duties. Somehow, it is very fun to do that.


So anyway, once we were in Singpore, we went to my late grandfather’s grave. Later, Mama and Papa went to pray at the surau as I, my aunt and Aliya waited in the car, listening to Aliya’s cries about wanting to see her ‘old, old’ grandfathers which she had never bothered to mention the whole time.

Then, we went to Metro, when Papa wanted to buy new shirts. My aunt went there to look for clothes for my cousins, Balqis and Zulaikha, and of course for Aliya. Before this, I usually go there to buy some spy gadgets. But since Mama heard the news of Metro being so-called ‘shut down’, we stopped going there. But Papa insisted on going so we went and I bought a listening device in the shape of a remote controlled car. I can hear through walls, for about 75 feet away from the car.

After that, we went to Mustafa to shop again but this time, it is more of a other-then-clothes type of shopping. Papa bought 3 pairs of socks, branded Hush Puppies, or as Papa likes to call it, “Push Huppies”, a torchlight, a T-Shirt for my uncle and my mum. Mama, instead, went to but 4 sacks of Basmati rice and some chocolates. She always go beserk whenever she steps foot in Mustafa.

Then, we got back to the hotel and got ready to eat dinner with my grand-aunt’s family only this time, they brought us to a restaurant called Johnny’s. After that, we went to my maternal grandmother’s place for a while, before we went to Papa’s former housemate when he was studying in England, Uncle BJ. Uncle BJ works with the Johor Government and also related to Mama.

The Holiday:Day 1

19 10 2007

Day 1

During Raya, we went to Johor Bahru as a yearly ritual. We went to Kampung Melayu to visit my grandmother, Ansariah Hj. Husin. We had lunch there and after that, we went to The Puteri Pacific hotel and checked in. We were greeted by warm welcomes from the staff that has served us for the past 11 years. When we got inside, the manager, Rozlee, came to meet us while we were checking in.

Our stuff were brought upstairs in two trolleys – we had too many bags to be brought by one trolley – and once they got to our room, 1141, we unpacked and got ready to go swimming. By that time, my grandparents, uncle and aunt were only at the north side of Johor. So we had some fun time in the pool.

When we went up, it was dark and after getting ready, we went to my grandaunt’s house at Stulang Laut. I usually gang-up with my aunt-cousin, Nurlina, but this time, I only half ganged with her. I spent a few times outside and also played my cousins’ PSP.

Then only I went up to hang out with my aunt-cousin. I took a look at her sea-monkeys (although I didn’t know what they are), we played with her computer and listened to music from her iPod.

We had dinner which my aunt-cousin in-law cooked. It was Briyani Rice, some rendang and ayam masak merah. We had a nice time eating it. It was delicious.

Then we headed back to the Hotel after 3 being full.

5, 4, 3, 2, 1, BLAST OFF!

11 10 2007

Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar in the rocket, preparing himself.

Yesterday, I watched the rocket blast off into space. I think the rocket model is a Soyuz TMA-11. It blasted from Kazakhstan, Russia. The blasted off precisely at 9:21 pm, Malaysian time. He went with Yuri Malenchenko, a Russian engineer and Peggy Whitson, an American mission commander, who is also the pilot.


Papa said that the pilot had been in training for this particular event since 1997. It will take them, about 2 days to reach the International Space Station (ISS). The ISS is orbiting the Earth at a height of 360km from the surface of the ocean.

That is very, very high up to be spending Hari Raya Aidil Fitri!

I think, that the reason he went to space is to do some experiments. His and also some other people’s. One of the experiments he’ll be doing is my uncle’s. My mother’s brother is genetics professor in UiTM and Dr. Sheikh is expected to do some experiments for my uncle.

Papa said, he is a 35-year-old orthopedic surgeon and was his school-mate in MRSM. He also has the Malaysian flag on his left sleeve of his spacesuit. There was also a Jalur Gemilang painted outside the Soyuz spacecraft. We are very lucky to have him go into outer space just for some experiments for Malaysian scientists.

Papa also told me Dato’ Marina Mahathir wrote about her father watching the historical event for Malaysia from the hospital where he is admitted.

Papa said Dr. Sheikh also blogged about his preparation for this journey. I hope to meet him someday, as a fellow blogger. He will be inspiring to people like me. I hope I am will also be given an opportunity to go space one day and do experiments for science. We pray that he will have a safe trip to and back from space.


To Be or Not to Be……

9 09 2007

To be or not to be a kid? What I’m trying to say is, I want to be half-kid, half-teen and even quarter-adult. Get it? Okay, maybe not. I mean I still want to be a kid, because when I was a kid, before August 1st 2000, I was the only child, grandaughter, grandniece and technically ‘everyone’s kid’. I got all the attention I wanted, all my grandaunts, granduncles, aunts and uncles ‘tompang’ me. That means I even got somebody else’s attention. But on August 1st 2000, my cousin on my dad’s side was born. Then all the attention I got also went to Nur Izzati Balqis bt Mohamed Najib. Then another girl was added to the family, Aliya bt. Azry when I was six. Six months later then came Noraini Zuleikha bt. Mohamed Najib. Too many younger kids around me now. I wish I am still like them. That’s my want-to-be-a-kid part, understand?

My want-to-be-a-teen part is to have make-up, go shopping with my close friends in one of the mega shopping complexes and do the teen stuff, you know? Well, some of them I’m not allowed to do now. I was once allowed to go with my 16-year-old aunt-cousin, Lina, her cousin, Shia and their boyfriends to go to One-Utama the New Wing to watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’. As I watched them, they got to buy clothes, but make-up and the teen stuff like in movies. Papa and Mama might not allow me to do it but maybe half of that stuff. So that’s my want-to-be-a-teen part.

My final want-to-be part, an adult is so that I have money to buy anything I want, if I can afford it that is. I get money and get to play with my handphone as much as I want, I can buy make-up as much as I want, and you know, adult stuff.

So I can’t make up my mind at this moment. Now, ever since I watched Harry Potter. I am wishing I’m a witch that can conjure magic. I guess I just have to face the fact that some things aren’t gonna happen. Oh well!

Mind Your Language

5 09 2007

Papa recently introduced the complete “Mind Your Language series to me. It is about a teacher, Mr. Jeremy Brown, the principal, Ms. Courtney, the tea-lady, Gladys, the school janitor, Sid and 10 students, Giovanni Capello (Italian), Maximillian Papandrious (Greek), Anna Schmidt (German), Taro Nagazumi (Japanese), Jamila Ranjha (Indian), Juan Cervantes (Spanish), Ranjeet Singh (Punjabi), Danielle Favre (French), Ali Nadim (Pakistani), and Chung Su-Lee (Chinese). In the second season, 2 new foreigners join the class, Ingrid Svenson (Swedish) and Zoltan Szabo (Hungarian).


My favorite character is Giovanni, Max (Maximillian), Juan, Ingrid and Zoltan. My favorite Giovanni episode is “Queen for a Day”:

Sid : Mr. Italy!

[Giovanni comes out with the ‘Mafia’ outfit]

Mr. Brown : Giovanni, are you representing Italy or the Mafia?

Giovanni : I’m representing Sicily.

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