P. Ramlee, the Musical

29 10 2007

Last Friday night, Papa brought me to watch P.Ramlee the Musical. Papa, Mama and me were supposed to sit in the upper circle while my grandparents sat at the main seats. Since my grandfather didn’t want to go, he had asked my aunt to replace him. When I found out about this thing – which was the theatre day – I begged my aunt to let me sit at the main seats with my grandmother and her to replace me in the upper circle. Mama said I was lucky to not sit upstairs as they could only see the heads and voices only.


So anyway, the main casts were Sean Ghazi (P.Ramlee), Liza Hanim (Saloma), Atilia (Junaidah), Melissa Saila (Norizan) and the special appearance, Siti Nurhaliza (Azizah).The co-stars were Wan Kenari Ibrahim (D Harris), Joseph Gonzales (BS Rajhans), Chedd Eddie Yusoff (Sukardi), Zeqhty Nattrah Ramli (Junainah), Mohd Fauzuly Hamdan Tahir (Sukarmaji) and Colin Kirton and Douglas Lim (Run Run and Runme Shaw). But my favorite cast are the children. They act three by three. The night I was present was Muhammad Syafie Naswip – also Mukhsin from the Malay movie ‘Mukhsin’ – (Ramlee), Emeer Iskandar (Sukardi) and Rachel Wesley (Azizah). The other nights would be Mikhil Merican (Ramlee), Wan Ramzizul Zaimi (Sukardi) and Nurazliana Haslin (Azizah).

The show was magnificent! I was a bit amazed of how Sean Ghazi looks and sounds like P.Ramlee. And – for the first time – I knew who P.Ramlee married first and that he liked Azizah since they were in Primary school.


My favorite characters that night was P.Ramlee and Norizan. The reason I liked the character Norizan is because that I liked the way she sang, shouted and half-ran around P.Ramlee’s ‘room’ in the old-fashioned ‘baju ikan duyung‘. That particular scene was amazing. The other scenes that I love were the scenes when they were children and the scenes about Saloma and P.Ramlee. It was simply fantastic!

How I wish I could turn back time and watch that show over and over again!

The Holiday:Day 1

19 10 2007

Day 1

During Raya, we went to Johor Bahru as a yearly ritual. We went to Kampung Melayu to visit my grandmother, Ansariah Hj. Husin. We had lunch there and after that, we went to The Puteri Pacific hotel and checked in. We were greeted by warm welcomes from the staff that has served us for the past 11 years. When we got inside, the manager, Rozlee, came to meet us while we were checking in.

Our stuff were brought upstairs in two trolleys – we had too many bags to be brought by one trolley – and once they got to our room, 1141, we unpacked and got ready to go swimming. By that time, my grandparents, uncle and aunt were only at the north side of Johor. So we had some fun time in the pool.

When we went up, it was dark and after getting ready, we went to my grandaunt’s house at Stulang Laut. I usually gang-up with my aunt-cousin, Nurlina, but this time, I only half ganged with her. I spent a few times outside and also played my cousins’ PSP.

Then only I went up to hang out with my aunt-cousin. I took a look at her sea-monkeys (although I didn’t know what they are), we played with her computer and listened to music from her iPod.

We had dinner which my aunt-cousin in-law cooked. It was Briyani Rice, some rendang and ayam masak merah. We had a nice time eating it. It was delicious.

Then we headed back to the Hotel after 3 being full.


11 09 2007

I got tagged by Galadriel! Ok, so here goes.

5 things in my handbag/bag ::

my handphone, my watch, a compact mirror, my lip gloss & my purse

5 things in my purse ::

pictures, cash, coins, restaurants’ membership cards & clothes’ tags.

5 things in my favourite room ::

Papa’s laptop, my magazines, my beloved books, my ‘boombox’ & my television.

5 things I would love to do ::

go shopping with my close friends

stop soaking myself in go-karting

learn to play the drums

learn 5 languages, French, German, Spanish/Italian, Greek & Latin.

live my dreams

I am currently ::

finishing my ‘Harry Potter’ series

‘studying’ for my final exams this year

learning Blues, Rags and Jazz tunes for my piano lessons

blogging more often then I use to

addicted to 5 popstars, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, James and Oliver Phelps.

Now, my job is done here. Only 1 last thing to do, tag 5 other victims! Mwahahahahaha – cough, cough. Sorry. Anyways, my 5 victims are, tat-ta-da-da! ::

Aunty Elviza, Aunty Nuraina, Acciacatura, Aunty Ano & Daphne Ling.
Sorry you guys, just had to do it! *evil look*

🙂 And not to forget, HAPPY RAMADHAN to all Muslims! 🙂

Mind Your Language

5 09 2007

Papa recently introduced the complete “Mind Your Language series to me. It is about a teacher, Mr. Jeremy Brown, the principal, Ms. Courtney, the tea-lady, Gladys, the school janitor, Sid and 10 students, Giovanni Capello (Italian), Maximillian Papandrious (Greek), Anna Schmidt (German), Taro Nagazumi (Japanese), Jamila Ranjha (Indian), Juan Cervantes (Spanish), Ranjeet Singh (Punjabi), Danielle Favre (French), Ali Nadim (Pakistani), and Chung Su-Lee (Chinese). In the second season, 2 new foreigners join the class, Ingrid Svenson (Swedish) and Zoltan Szabo (Hungarian).


My favorite character is Giovanni, Max (Maximillian), Juan, Ingrid and Zoltan. My favorite Giovanni episode is “Queen for a Day”:

Sid : Mr. Italy!

[Giovanni comes out with the ‘Mafia’ outfit]

Mr. Brown : Giovanni, are you representing Italy or the Mafia?

Giovanni : I’m representing Sicily.

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Go-Kart! Woo Hoo!

31 08 2007

Papa asked me to get ready and go inside the car without telling me where we were going. I thought we were going to Johor – a very impossible idea – as I realized that the familiar route Papa usually take if we’re going back to Johor.

Soon, Papa arrived at the Go-Kart track. I was very scared as I saw some adults driving very fast. And my first try around the bend was ridiculous! – I didn’t turn enough to the right so I ran into the tyre barriers. I was afraid that I would crash so in the first round I didn’t step on the throttle at all but by the second round, I was a bit faster.dscn1401.jpg


After the first round, the man there didn’t let me drive straight to the second round because the adults were racing at a very fast speed and because I was too slow, they were scared that there would be an accident because being slow, I would obstruct them.

On the second round, I was faster. Papa said, if I did the same pace as the first round, Papa would have slept there and then because I was too slow.



Go-Kart is so much fun!!!

This a great way to spend my Merdeka day, a new achievement for me!!!

Fireworks for Merdeka 50th Anniversary

31 08 2007

Yesterday, or some people say today, Papa brought me to watch fireworks in Dataran Merdeka. To watch the fireworks, Papa drove up in front of the Kuala Lumpur Mayor’s house instead.


We arrived there about 10 minutes before midnight and Papa talked a bit with a German family who lives here. While waiting, Mama said to sit down first. Papa tested the Nikon camera so that if we see the fireworks he knows what to do.


We waited….

and waited….

and waited….

for over an hour but no fireworks. In the shopping malls, the fireworks had begun from the time we came.

Soon, Papa declared that the fireworks are over and we were to go home. As soon as we were about to open the car door and step into car, the fireworks started!girl-girl-watching-fireworks-display-1am.jpg

And it lasted for only 3 minutes…

So much for waiting!

Harry Potter

30 08 2007

Joanne K. Rowling made this fascinating book or the ‘Harry Potter’ series. Its about a boy, soon came to know he was a wizard, who went to ‘Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy’ along with friends he met on the ‘Hogwarts Express’, Ronald ‘Ron’ Weasley and Hermione Granger. I love Harry Potter so much that I joined his forum, Harry Potter Forums.

Once they sat foot in the castle, they were instructed to put on the ‘Sortiing Hat’ to sort them in houses, the brave Gryffindors, cunning Slytherins, the just and loyal Hufflepuffs and the wise Ravenclaws. Their symbols and colours are a red lion for Gryffindor, a green serpent is the Slytherin’s, Hufflepuff is a yellow badger and finally a blue raven, for no other, then Ravenclaw.

Harry, Hermione and Ron are in Gryffindor. Their enemy, Draco Malfoy, is in Slytherin. He and Harry met in Diagon Alley while buying robes for their school uniform.

They each are required to wear the school uniform with the house robes, certain magic books, a cauldron, a pet, either a cat, toad or owl and the most important tool, a wand. It is said that the wand chooses its owner. Most of the students buy owls because they can send messages to another person wherever he or she is.

Hogwarts is an amazing school with loads of corridors to explore. As for Harry, he has the best experiences in the school. He, every year, fights with Voldemort, the wizard who killed his parents when he was a baby. Voldemort, also known as You-Know-Who and He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named, because everyone is afraid of him, tried to kill Harry but failed because of a lightning-shaped scar on his forhead which made Voldemort became weak. Now, Voldemort is doing everything to gain back his powers and kill Harry. But, however Voldemort tried to kill him, Harry will always succeed while doing homework and attending Quidditch practices. Harry is the Seeker, the person who can catch a very tiny golden ball with wings, called the Golden Snitch. If he finds it, he will win 150 points for his team. If they win every match, they will win the Quidditch Cup in the end if the year.

The house with the most points will win the House Cup in the end of the year. For each house, a teacher is the head and will get something if his/her house wins that Cup. For Gryffindor, is Professor McGonagall. Slytherin is Professor Snape, for Ravenclaw is Professor Sprout and Hufflepuff is Mrs. Trewlaney.

I have typed too much about Harry Potter but I just can’t get enough of Joanne Rowling’s books!

*Quidditch – quidditch is a game on broomsticks. It is sort-of like basketball or broomsticks with 7 players from each team/house.