Perth Perth Perth

30 11 2008

Okay, so i skipped a week of school.


And it was ultra-awesome!

So, Perth, we went there on my grandma’s birthday. The crew made a birthday card for her – it was quite pretty though, considering the limited resources they had. They gave us some fruit dessert as a replacement for a birthday cake.

There, we did so many things. We went to Caversham Wildlife Park and watched some kelpie dogs muster sheep into a pen. And we also saw a shepherd sheering a sheep. They also demonstrated how shepherds crack whips.

We also went shopping – LOTS of shopping. I shopped for clothes, lots and lots of clothes.

There, I went for walks with my grandpa and helped my mum cook my dinners. My dinner were the same everyday, CHICKEN KATSU yummm ! 😉

Soon, we had to go home. But the week’s been awesome. Then, I came back , and 12 hours later, I got the best shock of my life 😉