My Dad’s Birthday Surprise

30 10 2008

Last Friday was the last day of tests this year. It was SRK Damansara Utama’s PKSR IV and it was also my dad’s birthday. So, my mum decided to go to Johor Bahru, since it was his birthday and he was there because of a conference.

I’ll tell you the whole story about the weekend then :

At Friday, around 1220pm, my mum picked my up. She said ‘Let’s go to Johor and see Papa’. I was shocked – and surprised – by the idea. It was meant to surprise him, but I was surprised first by the idea. After a couple of hours packing and stuff, my aunty drove my mum and me to KL Sentral.

My mum bought some Economy Class stand-by tickets. Then, we bought the tickets to go to KLIA. Once the train stopped at KLIA, we got the next flight and went to gate A11. We boarded the flight at 1715hrs.

After less than an hour later, the journey stopped. It was quite a long walk to the bus station. But we managed to get the bus.

Apparently my mum thought the bus would stop nearer to the Puteri Pan Pacific, but to her surprise, it stopped further then she expected. The walk there was quite a while and tiring. But as soon as we walked into the lobby, the normal happy feeling came back.

I called my dad to say that we were already in the Johor Puteri Pan Pacific’s lobby and we sat down while we waited. When he came down and saw us, his face lit up immediately. My mum described the look as “a look she had not seen for a very long time“.

That evening, after my mum and I had showered and change into fresh clothes, my dad’s friends, Aunty Jazreen, Uncle Kenneth, Uncle Azlan and my parents and I had dinner together. We had fish, cuttlefish, sweet and sour prawns and fried kangkung with white rice – well , i had fried rice with egg.

Later, after some pictures and lots of talking, my parents and I went to Singapore. My dad wanted to stay there for the weekend. That was the end of the day.

Yeah, my writing’s become different right ? HAHA, but that day was different then others. I know its late but on behalf of that day, HAPPY BIRTHDAY PAPA !




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