Melbourne Zoo!

24 05 2008

Melbourne Zoo was our plan for the day. The animals wee categorized in groups such as tropical animals, Australian animals and so forth. The way they lined up these animals were in loops.

We passed through the gates at 11.05am and were just in time for the ‘Meet the Keepers’ briefing about wombats. It was supposed to be at 11.30am. But instead of going there straight away as that animal was on the other side of the zoo, we decided to stay and listen to the meerkat briefing at 11.45am.

My mom and dad drinking coffee while waiting for the meerkat briefing

The meerkat was very cute and I learned a lot about them from the briefing. In the next pen was some Quokkas, a species of a wallaby. It was munching away, eating its breakfast – or lunch, I don’t know. The pen across the Quokkas was a red panda. I heard that it was very rare and is an endangered species.

After that, we passed some tree-kangaroos and some baboons, we arrived at the main road. We stopped for a while and continued our adventure. Next, we went to the Platypusary. The were a pair of platypus but one of them was more active then the other. That one was swimming all around the tank as if it knows its picture was getting taken. Actually, cameras were not allowed but most people used theirs anyway.

We walked on and arrived at the kangaroo pen. There was a railing that stopped the kangaroos from crossing to the other side. All of them were lazing around, eating grass.

After that, we passed the giraffes, the zebras and an emu. All of them were in the same pen. We had to pass that pen in order to go to the koala pen. There was another ‘Meet the Keepers’ briefing on koalas at 3.30pm which was in 10 minutes time.

The keeper said that there were three koalas in sight and they were an 8- year-old male, Mellow, a 6-year-old female, Lily and a 3-year-old female, Alice. He said that they took koalas that were in trauma. Alice was one of them and he said that she has already improved. Alice’s mother was killed by a car and they found her clinging to her mother. By that time, she was 2 months old, I think.

The only thing they eat are eucalyptus leaves. There are about 800 species of them and about 50 of them are edible. The koalas can find them anywhere they go. They are the only animals eating that plant so they don’t have any competition among them and other animals.

After that, we went to see the wombats. We only saw one and it was curled up sleeping. That wombat was in its pen. We followed the path and we went into burrow-like tunnels because it was supposed to be how the wombats ‘houses’ look like. There, we saw another sleeping wombat. That one was called the hairy-nosed wombat I think.

That was a really exciting – and of course, tiring! – adventure for me and to my parents too. I hope to come here again and try to be at all the ‘Meet the Keepers’ briefing!

After the Melbourne Zoo, Papa took us straight to Melbourne City centre. He asked Mama to go look for my gandma’s ‘telekong bag’. She wanted something with “Australia” written on it. When we got there, Papa drove towards DFO on Spencer Street. The police stopped us as there was a game at the Telstra Dome, next to the DFO. So Papa parked at Bourke Street and we walked a block towards DFO.

We finaly got her something nice. When we ‘collect’ Bourke Street, I saw a Papa at a coffee place onĀ  Melbourne Tram upclose. It was really something new as I never seen a ‘train’ on a street before. It was also almost dark then. So on the way home, we stopped by at the Macca Halal Meats fr some chicken and Safeway supermarket for some groceries, both on Racecourse Road. We bought a lot supply of ‘Tims Tams’ for give aways, back home.

Australia – the Land Down Under

24 05 2008

Hey people!

I’m really sorry I haven’t been posting new articles as I have so much homework and the latest exams.

So anyway, I’m in Australia now and it’s been 2 days and 1 night but it feels like its been a week. How I got here? Well, let me tell you the story…

My mom had this work in Melbourne, Australia on the 27th of May. My dad wanted to go there too because this is a great opportunity to travel to a country we haven’t been to before. So he booked an apartment in a motel on Flemington Street.

We boarded a Malaysia Airlines B777-200. It was a very, very long flight. They served dinner and breakfast, but more on that later. I, as usual, got the seat next to the window. For a 12-year-old, it was a quite boring flight. The TV was there but I have seen all of the movies. The games weren’t very exciting either. I was quite restless because I was just in Melaka the day before for a motivation camp and slept for 15 hours straight. But that was another story. Even though I got a very long nap, I was still restless on the flight. Eventually, I fell asleep.

When I woke up, there was still 5 more hours to go. By then, I had run out of ideas to do. I tried to sleep but I got awaken by my hair – trust me, that isn’t very relaxing. In the end, I had slept the total of 2 hours. But that still leaves 3 hours. By then, I gave up on trying to entertain myself and took my book from my bag – why didn’t I think of that in the first place?? – and read it. By the time I reached the middle of the book, I got a bit bored. So I walked towards the toilet at the back.

There were three people waiting for the toilet so the first thng that popped into my mind was “Now <i>there’s</i> something I can do!”. As the third person went into the toilet, a friendly stewardess was bringing some perfume out to sell them on the plane. Finally, when I came out of the toilet, the was still 2 and a half hour left.

However, I managed to survive the period of time and when it was time to come out of the airplane, it was dawn in Melbourne.

The first thing we did was get our bags, get our grey Ford Falcon and drove off to find our motel.

Our motel is called Park Squire Inn and its very cosy. How it feels to finally reach land!