Hospital Holidays

6 12 2007

Since my grandfather did an un-scheduled heart-bypass surgery(21st Nov.) in the beginning of my school hols, my holidays are now spent at the hospital. Me, my mum and my aunt are taking ‘shifts’ sleeping in the hospital. I haven’t been blogging that much as I leave home early in the morning and come back late at night.

We have been having picnics at the hospital and literally making it our second home. My maid will cook dinner for us and ‘ala carte’ for my grandfather. But sometimes me and my cousin will buy food from the canteen downstairs (the food is so delicious!).

Anyway, my grandfather had been coughing a lot as he was a smoker. But last week’s Tuesday, when my grandfather had another one of his bad-bad-bad cough, his old blood ozed out from the gap in his chest wound. Luckily, his cardiologist, Dr. Daud, was there and immediately sent for the Emergency nurses. So he had to do another surgery on  3rd Dec. which was to stitch back his chest bone.

But at least now my dad has found a place where there is internet connection, I have been able to contact my friends through the Yahoo chat. My classmate’s mum is working as a nurse here and her son (my classmate, Avyi) always hangs out at the chairs in front of the suite that my grandfather is in as his family member is admitted in the room next door. And now I’m much more happier then before. And my grandfather may be going out next week so that’s good news………..hope that happens!




One response

7 12 2007

hehehehe… you actually lookforward to sleepovers at the hospital… don’t you….?

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