The Holiday:Day 3

19 10 2007

This day, my aunt, uncle and grandparents were supposedly to go back Kuala Lumpur. So we had a Super Soaker Party in the pool. Although my cousins and me had a hard time pumping the Super Soakers, we had a fantastic time splashing about. We played that for about 2 hours non-stop soaking.


Later, when my family had departed, Papa, Mama and me went to my grandmother’s house to eat lunch. There, we ate nasi beriyani with my all time favorite, fried chicken.

Then, we went to Papa’s friend’s house. He just got a baby last year and her name is Alysha. Papa asked me to call him Uncle Ketyl. From his real name, Fadhil.

So anyway, it was a very short day so we went back and the day finished.




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