The Holiday:Day 2

19 10 2007

Day 2

We got up early to go swimming. We either wake up early and go swimming or wake up a bit later because that day, we planned to go to Singapore, my mum’s hometown (Papa wanted to leave at 11 am, no delays). After, about an hour, we (me and Aliya) grumpily got out of the pool. We dried ourselves and went u to our rooms. We dropped off my aunt and Aliya at level 7, where their room is.

It was a long way to the causeway, plus the traffic jam there. My aunt and Aliya followed us too. Aliya took a short nap on the way, as for me, I think I did. But I did remember I closed my eyes.

At the causeway, there is only one thing that I love there, which is watching them stamp the passports. As some of you might have guess, I’m the kind of person that loves everything. Especially clerk duties. Somehow, it is very fun to do that.


So anyway, once we were in Singpore, we went to my late grandfather’s grave. Later, Mama and Papa went to pray at the surau as I, my aunt and Aliya waited in the car, listening to Aliya’s cries about wanting to see her ‘old, old’ grandfathers which she had never bothered to mention the whole time.

Then, we went to Metro, when Papa wanted to buy new shirts. My aunt went there to look for clothes for my cousins, Balqis and Zulaikha, and of course for Aliya. Before this, I usually go there to buy some spy gadgets. But since Mama heard the news of Metro being so-called ‘shut down’, we stopped going there. But Papa insisted on going so we went and I bought a listening device in the shape of a remote controlled car. I can hear through walls, for about 75 feet away from the car.

After that, we went to Mustafa to shop again but this time, it is more of a other-then-clothes type of shopping. Papa bought 3 pairs of socks, branded Hush Puppies, or as Papa likes to call it, “Push Huppies”, a torchlight, a T-Shirt for my uncle and my mum. Mama, instead, went to but 4 sacks of Basmati rice and some chocolates. She always go beserk whenever she steps foot in Mustafa.

Then, we got back to the hotel and got ready to eat dinner with my grand-aunt’s family only this time, they brought us to a restaurant called Johnny’s. After that, we went to my maternal grandmother’s place for a while, before we went to Papa’s former housemate when he was studying in England, Uncle BJ. Uncle BJ works with the Johor Government and also related to Mama.




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