The Holiday:Day 1

19 10 2007

Day 1

During Raya, we went to Johor Bahru as a yearly ritual. We went to Kampung Melayu to visit my grandmother, Ansariah Hj. Husin. We had lunch there and after that, we went to The Puteri Pacific hotel and checked in. We were greeted by warm welcomes from the staff that has served us for the past 11 years. When we got inside, the manager, Rozlee, came to meet us while we were checking in.

Our stuff were brought upstairs in two trolleys – we had too many bags to be brought by one trolley – and once they got to our room, 1141, we unpacked and got ready to go swimming. By that time, my grandparents, uncle and aunt were only at the north side of Johor. So we had some fun time in the pool.

When we went up, it was dark and after getting ready, we went to my grandaunt’s house at Stulang Laut. I usually gang-up with my aunt-cousin, Nurlina, but this time, I only half ganged with her. I spent a few times outside and also played my cousins’ PSP.

Then only I went up to hang out with my aunt-cousin. I took a look at her sea-monkeys (although I didn’t know what they are), we played with her computer and listened to music from her iPod.

We had dinner which my aunt-cousin in-law cooked. It was Briyani Rice, some rendang and ayam masak merah. We had a nice time eating it. It was delicious.

Then we headed back to the Hotel after 3 being full.




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