11 09 2007

I got tagged by Galadriel! Ok, so here goes.

5 things in my handbag/bag ::

my handphone, my watch, a compact mirror, my lip gloss & my purse

5 things in my purse ::

pictures, cash, coins, restaurants’ membership cards & clothes’ tags.

5 things in my favourite room ::

Papa’s laptop, my magazines, my beloved books, my ‘boombox’ & my television.

5 things I would love to do ::

go shopping with my close friends

stop soaking myself in go-karting

learn to play the drums

learn 5 languages, French, German, Spanish/Italian, Greek & Latin.

live my dreams

I am currently ::

finishing my ‘Harry Potter’ series

‘studying’ for my final exams this year

learning Blues, Rags and Jazz tunes for my piano lessons

blogging more often then I use to

addicted to 5 popstars, Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Vanessa Anne Hudgens, James and Oliver Phelps.

Now, my job is done here. Only 1 last thing to do, tag 5 other victims! Mwahahahahaha – cough, cough. Sorry. Anyways, my 5 victims are, tat-ta-da-da! ::

Aunty Elviza, Aunty Nuraina, Acciacatura, Aunty Ano & Daphne Ling.
Sorry you guys, just had to do it! *evil look*

🙂 And not to forget, HAPPY RAMADHAN to all Muslims! 🙂