To Be or Not to Be……

9 09 2007

To be or not to be a kid? What I’m trying to say is, I want to be half-kid, half-teen and even quarter-adult. Get it? Okay, maybe not. I mean I still want to be a kid, because when I was a kid, before August 1st 2000, I was the only child, grandaughter, grandniece and technically ‘everyone’s kid’. I got all the attention I wanted, all my grandaunts, granduncles, aunts and uncles ‘tompang’ me. That means I even got somebody else’s attention. But on August 1st 2000, my cousin on my dad’s side was born. Then all the attention I got also went to Nur Izzati Balqis bt Mohamed Najib. Then another girl was added to the family, Aliya bt. Azry when I was six. Six months later then came Noraini Zuleikha bt. Mohamed Najib. Too many younger kids around me now. I wish I am still like them. That’s my want-to-be-a-kid part, understand?

My want-to-be-a-teen part is to have make-up, go shopping with my close friends in one of the mega shopping complexes and do the teen stuff, you know? Well, some of them I’m not allowed to do now. I was once allowed to go with my 16-year-old aunt-cousin, Lina, her cousin, Shia and their boyfriends to go to One-Utama the New Wing to watch ‘Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End’. As I watched them, they got to buy clothes, but make-up and the teen stuff like in movies. Papa and Mama might not allow me to do it but maybe half of that stuff. So that’s my want-to-be-a-teen part.

My final want-to-be part, an adult is so that I have money to buy anything I want, if I can afford it that is. I get money and get to play with my handphone as much as I want, I can buy make-up as much as I want, and you know, adult stuff.

So I can’t make up my mind at this moment. Now, ever since I watched Harry Potter. I am wishing I’m a witch that can conjure magic. I guess I just have to face the fact that some things aren’t gonna happen. Oh well!