A Wet, Wet Go-Karting Time

1 09 2007

Papa brought me go-karting again today but my luck today was ‘better’. The track was a bit wet and there were puddles every where. I knew what was coming but by the 6th or 5th round, I got soaked by accidentally driving into a big puddle. That wasn’t all.


The second last round was worse. I was watching carefully in-case I got wet again – which I don’t intend to – and…..SPLASH! Wet, again, and to top it off, I ran into the stack or tyres because I couldn’t see things that well at the moment because my helmet was wet.


As I neared the starting and finishing point, I had to go into the pit to change my helmet. Papa said I wasn’t go-karting anymore but a Formula 1 driver instead, since I had to be stopped.


Better luck next time!




4 responses

1 09 2007
Biggum Dogmannsteinberg


Who knows, you could be the FIRST woman F1 driver, not only for Malaysia BUT even in the world.

However, when and if you are able to achieve that, most probably you would not be racing in Sepang International Circuit as by that time, Singapore is more likely to be the F1 venue for South East Asia!

Let’s see how far you can go with this go-karting thingy


5 09 2007


Remember when u were little i used to tell you “you better eat your vegetables, otherwise you wont grow tall enough to be able to drive”…? Well, congratulations on your go-kart thingy….BUT… you STILL have to eat your vegetables… even if you are already taller than Uwan… teehee…

oooh maaannnn! I don’t want to eat veggies!

5 09 2007
Biggum Dogmannsteinberg

Eleh, macam Chu tu masa kecik makan vegetables. Balik balik makan nasi dengan kicap atau tomato ketchup ja!


5 09 2007

Beruntung sungguh kanak kanak ini……………………..

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