A Wet, Wet Go-Karting Time

1 09 2007

Papa brought me go-karting again today but my luck today was ‘better’. The track was a bit wet and there were puddles every where. I knew what was coming but by the 6th or 5th round, I got soaked by accidentally driving into a big puddle. That wasn’t all.


The second last round was worse. I was watching carefully in-case I got wet again – which I don’t intend to – and…..SPLASH! Wet, again, and to top it off, I ran into the stack or tyres because I couldn’t see things that well at the moment because my helmet was wet.


As I neared the starting and finishing point, I had to go into the pit to change my helmet. Papa said I wasn’t go-karting anymore but a Formula 1 driver instead, since I had to be stopped.


Better luck next time!