Go-Kart! Woo Hoo!

31 08 2007

Papa asked me to get ready and go inside the car without telling me where we were going. I thought we were going to Johor – a very impossible idea – as I realized that the familiar route Papa usually take if we’re going back to Johor.

Soon, Papa arrived at the Go-Kart track. I was very scared as I saw some adults driving very fast. And my first try around the bend was ridiculous! – I didn’t turn enough to the right so I ran into the tyre barriers. I was afraid that I would crash so in the first round I didn’t step on the throttle at all but by the second round, I was a bit faster.dscn1401.jpg


After the first round, the man there didn’t let me drive straight to the second round because the adults were racing at a very fast speed and because I was too slow, they were scared that there would be an accident because being slow, I would obstruct them.

On the second round, I was faster. Papa said, if I did the same pace as the first round, Papa would have slept there and then because I was too slow.



Go-Kart is so much fun!!!

This a great way to spend my Merdeka day, a new achievement for me!!!




2 responses

1 09 2007
Biggum Dogmannsteinberg

So now you managed to drive and fully command a motorised vehicle on your own. No need to take you for a ride at ‘Autopia’, Disneyland Park in Anaheim or Paris anymore!

And I dont have to take you and let your control the steering of the ‘Enterprise’ whilst I have to hold the handbrake (incase of emergency) and Mama has to watch out for you (from the angle of the driver).

Imagine, you drove a 2 1/2 ton truck when you were nine!

1 09 2007

wow, that’s cool! how come your papa didn’t race with you? hehe. soon, i suppose. i don’t think i’ll fit into a go-cart, either. too tall. uncle tony yew barely managed to squeeze in the other day, i was told, and he’s not as tall as i am. maybe they’ll make go-carts for biggies and tallies one day.

i think i’ll take my kids there, too.

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