Go-Kart! Woo Hoo!

31 08 2007

Papa asked me to get ready and go inside the car without telling me where we were going. I thought we were going to Johor – a very impossible idea – as I realized that the familiar route Papa usually take if we’re going back to Johor.

Soon, Papa arrived at the Go-Kart track. I was very scared as I saw some adults driving very fast. And my first try around the bend was ridiculous! – I didn’t turn enough to the right so I ran into the tyre barriers. I was afraid that I would crash so in the first round I didn’t step on the throttle at all but by the second round, I was a bit faster.dscn1401.jpg


After the first round, the man there didn’t let me drive straight to the second round because the adults were racing at a very fast speed and because I was too slow, they were scared that there would be an accident because being slow, I would obstruct them.

On the second round, I was faster. Papa said, if I did the same pace as the first round, Papa would have slept there and then because I was too slow.



Go-Kart is so much fun!!!

This a great way to spend my Merdeka day, a new achievement for me!!!

Fireworks for Merdeka 50th Anniversary

31 08 2007

Yesterday, or some people say today, Papa brought me to watch fireworks in Dataran Merdeka. To watch the fireworks, Papa drove up in front of the Kuala Lumpur Mayor’s house instead.


We arrived there about 10 minutes before midnight and Papa talked a bit with a German family who lives here. While waiting, Mama said to sit down first. Papa tested the Nikon camera so that if we see the fireworks he knows what to do.


We waited….

and waited….

and waited….

for over an hour but no fireworks. In the shopping malls, the fireworks had begun from the time we came.

Soon, Papa declared that the fireworks are over and we were to go home. As soon as we were about to open the car door and step into car, the fireworks started!girl-girl-watching-fireworks-display-1am.jpg

And it lasted for only 3 minutes…

So much for waiting!