The Blog-house do

26 08 2007

Today was the ‘Bangsa Malaysia Campaign’ day at the Blog-house. I met one of the blogger who made me ‘famous’, YB (Yang ‘Berblog’) Jeff Ooi. Other blogs were also there for example ShanghaiStephen, Galadriel, Aunty Nuraina, I am a Malaysian and SK.

Uncle Rocky and Uncle Bernard were two of the speakers in front. Uncle Bernard talked about how his life was before Malaysia was Merdeka. Uncle Rocky, instead, asked 6 volunteers, including me, to read passages from Usman Awang’s unpublished work about “Untuk Malaya Merdeka”.



Then the other speakers had their turn to talk but I was only half listening because I was pre-occupied with my currypuffs. After enjoying that, Papa asked me to sign the ‘Bangsa Malaysia’ poster. I was one of the first few to sign.


Later, it was already dark and Papa wanted to ‘lepak’ inside. We ate some chicken satay and some ‘nasi lemak’. The ‘nasi lemak was delicious though…

Uncle Rocky was called to officiate the National Alliance of Bloggers clubhouse, “The Blog-house“. It is a nice corner house with a lot of space and there was a huge plasma tv in the lounge.

Soon I was asked to introduced myself but I didn’t want to because I had stage fright and doubted that I will overcome that. So anyway, Papa introduced me instead. Then, we saw a presentation on Merdeka, I think. Then again, I was asked to lead in the singing of ‘Negaraku’ but I, again, refused because of the same reason I said earlier.

Afterwards, it was entertaining time! Papa recited a poem called “Tanah Air” by Usman Awang, in commemoration of Merdeka celebrations and Jeff Ooi read his own poem. Other people played the guitar and sang, like Amin (I was told his blog is Black In Korea) and also Azmi, though I don’t know who they are.


Finally, we were given candles to hold and recite the national pledge that I was invited to recite, but then again, I refused… This was the pledge anyway:

Maka kami rakyat Malaysia berikrar akan menempukan seluruh tenaga dan usaha kami untuk mencapai cita-cita tersebut. Berdasarkan atas prinsip-prinsip yang berikut:

Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan

Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara

Keluruhan Perlembagaan

Kedaulatan Undang-Undang

Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan