Being Malaysian

22 08 2007

I am a Malaysian. I was born in 17 July, 1996 in Petaling Jaya. I have been born at a time which I call ‘no-longer in British hands’. I am lucky not to be born when British had Malaysia as a colony, like my grandparents had.

I go to school here and I have lots of Malay, Chinese, Indian and even Kadazan friends here in Malaysia. Also American, British and Danish ones too. I have a friend who lives in Scotland and he loves Malaysia a lot.


Even though I am a Malay, I have Chinese best friends too.


Malaysia is a beautiful place. A few of its attractions is the Eye on Malaysia, the Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower. These are beautiful buildings but Mama and I won’t be bothered to go to KLCC because theres always too many people so parking and traffic or more likely ‘people’ jam is out of the subject. We also hardly go to the KL Tower but on special occasions such as Atok and Wan’s wedding anniversary, Papa will book a table for us.


petronas-twin-towers.jpg kl-tower.jpg

There nice and beautiful places to visit in Malaysia, like recently when I revisited Sabah. There are also a variety of very nice food, anywhere in Malaysia.


My parents took me places all over Malaysia, like Johor Bahru, Muo, Melaka, Port Dickson, Kuantan, Ipoh, Cameron Highlands, Penang, Alor Star and Langkawi.


Other then that, the Malay language is the national language in Malaysia, although I don’t master it – I get all the Bahasa Malaysia exams all B’s. Islam is the national religion of Malaysia so the national ‘costume’ is the baju Melayu and the baju kurung and of course the majority ethnic group is the Malays.


Of course I am a Muslim and I am required to do like other Muslims. I completed my Al Quran exactly on my ninth birthday. My parents told me the official religion for Malaysia is Islam and other people are free to worship other faith freely.


I am lucky that I recently started to read Lat and I understand more about Malaysians and Malaysia. Its almost too funny all the time!


By being Malaysian, this is my pledge:

Maka kami, rakyat Malaysia, berikrar, akan menempukan, seluruh tenaga, dan usaha kami, untuk mencapai, cita-cita tersebut, berdasarkan, atas prinsup-prinsip yang berikut:-

Kepercayaan Kepada Tuhan

Kesetiaan Kepada Raja dan Negara

Keluhuran Perlembagaan

Kedaulatan Undang-Undang

Kesopanan dan Kesusilaan

I’ve been overseas a few times, infact almost every year. I enjoyed the all trips abroad. Whenever I see a Malaysian flag or a Malaysian symbol when I am abroad, like the logo of Malaysian Airlines, I feel very happy and proud. Whenever I step in to a Malaysia Airlines aeroplane, I feel the smell, feeling and warmth of Malaysia already and looking forward to coming back to Malaysia.


My mother drives a national car, the Proton Satria and I am very proud of that. I am also proud of my permanent home, in Malaysian soil.


Now, we are going to celebrate the 50th year Malaysia was released from the British hands and I am really happy!

Keranamu, Malaysia





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22 08 2007
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22 08 2007
A Voice (from Another Brick in the Wall)


When uncle was in standard six primary school in JB, I was the prefect that lead the citation of the ikrar durign the weekly assembly every week. Earlier in standard 5, I lead it every day, except assembly day, for all the classes sharing common courtyards.

I am old enough to see the many changes in this country and I must say, I am proud of it. We have become as a country and I hope we do not decay back to third world country status again.

Hidup Malaysia Airline! Hidup Malaysia!

22 08 2007

Hi “girl girl,”

What can i say … from one Malaysian to another … i pun pledge the Rukun Negara.

It’s one of the finest documents ever written and its principles are worth every drop of our blood, sweat and tears to keep Malaysia united, progressive and world-renowned.

Your blog rocks! Keep up the good work and here’s wishing you A Happy 50th Merdeka. *salute from one comrade to another*

22 08 2007

Hi Aishah…..nice pix! Wish I had the time (and money!) to do all that with my children too! Always remember Malaysians for Malaysia, and I think you have had a good exposure to put you on the right road…..
Enjoy the holidays!

23 08 2007

You’re a good Malaysian. Almost like your dad. I have kids about your age, quarter-to-half Chinese kids with Minangkabau, Bugis, and Portuguese elements in their DNA. Very mixed and mixed-up. That’s what Malaysians are and we should be proud of the fact!

See you at bloggers’ Merdeka do this Saturday, ok?

23 08 2007


very well written. this is the real-deal patriotism that has yet to instill in some malaysians. you’re putting them to shame.

selamat hari Merdeka to you, girl-girl.

Selamat Hari Merdeka to you too! Wheelers for will 🙂

23 08 2007


That’s really a very good posting.
You are a true blue Malaysian!

Selamat Menyambut Hari Merdeka!

Selamat Merdeka to you too!

24 08 2007

Wow… your so young and patriotic…

Its good to start young XD

24 08 2007
encik wan

Great post and photos even for a 38-year-old adult. Time to think of my next ‘great’ post. Jumpa lagi….

thank you

24 08 2007

When you’re young, you’re innocent. I’m innocent too until Form 6. In University, you start to see the racism practice in place. Enjoy while you can.

24 08 2007

By the way, Merdeka have no meaning to Chinese and rest sideline by NEP.

24 08 2007
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well, hope your kids will be successful

24 08 2007
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24 08 2007


I am 60 years old. I am very touched by your posting. I am so pleased that Malaysia ‘s future will be in very good hands with young people like you.

Don’t let the petty quarrels between adults affect you in anyway and your many friends and keep those universal values steadfastly that you hold dearly.

My Best wishes to you and your friends and I hope one day to meet you and your mum and dad who must have done a really fantastic job as parents to bring up someone so wonderful and so beautiful like you.

thank you. I hope to not be affected and best wishes to you too.

24 08 2007
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24 08 2007

I am proud to be a malaysianhearing your words. We will have a better Malaysia with your generation. God bless

24 08 2007

How I wish one day we don’t need to feel good by reading “Even though I am a Malay, I have Chinese best friends too.”, instead replace with “Even though I am Malaysian, I have foreigner friends too.”

24 08 2007

i just love your blog… what you write.. about people around you.. 🙂
keep it up girl!

24 08 2007

Aisha, You are a real gem, an untainted, pure and beautiful gem. You are also like some of those unpolluted beaches and beautiful places in our country – natural and pure. Hold on to your beautiful ideal of “Being Malaysian” which a great many numbers of Malaysians deeply share. And make sure not to allow any “big person” or adult to “pollute” this simple and pure ideal, for whatever reason.

Reading this blog entry of yours reminds me of one reported Petronas’ 2007 MERDEKA advertisement directed by Yasmin Ahmad… Quoting the report here:- “….Another interview within the series that touches her heart is with two primary schoolboys who are the best of friends. After asking a few questions about each other, Yasmin asks one boy what his friend’s race is. He replies: “Race? Racing car? I like racing car.”.

Exactly “Keranamu” – for people like Aisha that I think our country Malaysia is blessed with so much. And we must NOT let it wasted “buta buta”.

Happy Merdeka to all !

thank you! Happy Merdeka to you!

24 08 2007

Merdeka is so meaningful to you but it’s just another holiday for me.
I am just a second-class citizen.
Happy Merdeka to you but happy holiday to me.

24 08 2007


You are a true Malaysian. However, be warned when you are older that the present government under Barisan National may not want everyone to be TRUE Malaysian but divide us into groups along ethnic and religious lines.

This will be obvious when you go to local University and when you become a working adult if the present policies under BN remain unchanged.

Here’s hoping you will never have to face the ugly side of politics in Malaysia but you are already making a difference to help Malaysian of all creeds to unite.


24 08 2007

Hi Aishah,

Your blog rocks! I wish I was still in school like you with my Indian and Malay friends playing guli-guli or football. Yeah those were the best days of my life yet. After playing we will go to the tuck shop (kantin) and makan nasi lemak wrapped in banana leave and newspaper and drinkd lots of syrup with lots of ice! You have very nice friends too.

When uncle was small like you, I always dream what I want to do when I grow up. Tell us lah what is your ambition? I will come by to check your answer, OK? Love your parents and yourself too!

24 08 2007

Hi Aishah, Your blog rocks! I wish I was still in school like you with my Indian and Malay friends playing guli-guli or football. Yeah those were the best days of my life yet. After playing we will go to the tuck shop (kantin) and makan nasi lemak wrapped in banana leave and newspaper and drinkd lots of syrup with lots of ice! You have very nice friends too.

When uncle was small like you, I always dream what I want to do when I grow up. Tell us lah what is your ambition? I will come by to check your answer, OK? Love your parents and yourself too! My daughter like you too, pretty.

24 08 2007
Rusdi Mustapha


When I was young my best friends are also Chinese, and many more non-Malays. In fact two of my old Chinese friends are quite high up in the underworld. These friends are still my friends and although I will not take them to the press club, for example, to be contaminated by many people there with a lot of angst!

Once in a while, in every two weeks, we will meet at Wisma See Hoy Chan and talk about the old days when people are not f@#K up! I hope you have a good life you seem like a winner, I noticed how you ate your spaghetti, girl! You are so civilised!

thanks! and I learned to eat my spaghetti from Papa because if I don’t do that he will say I’m messy.

24 08 2007

you are a malaysian allright! be proud!

24 08 2007

Islam is NOT the national religion of Malaysia, kid.

24 08 2007
Sad Case

i used to have the same group of friends. however.. they have all segmented themselves terribly and due to lack of contact and peer pressure.

wish life in Malaysia was always simple. instead of all the mess.

i still remember what a young boy at there mere age of 12 said to me when i was near my neighbourhood one day… i sincerely hope that you do not become like him….

*something bad* eg,

2nd class citizen

24 08 2007

well said .

24 08 2007
a friend

Hello Aishah,

It is heartening to note the “Malaysianess” in you and your parents have done a great job in bringing you up to be “colour blind”. However, things will greatly change as you grow up when you realise a lot of these “beautiful images” are just a facade and nothing will change the fact that affirmative action in this beloved country of ours has divided, is still dividing and will continue to further divide us.
Just my 2 cents worth…

Happy Merdeka girl… I wish more adults can be more matured like you!

24 08 2007


you’re writing is so nice…

I do hope you eat well, live well, respect your parents, never fight with your friends, bear in modesty and moderations at all time, study well, be helpful to world and help people who needs help regardless of their beliefs, backgrounds and race.

I wish you a great Happy Merdeka Day….
_ _ _ _ _
a foreigner from the state which refused to join Malaysia…

25 08 2007


Wishes you Selamat Hari Merdeka in advance ya! Am I going to see you at tomorrow’s Bangsa Malaysia Hari Merdeka Get-together?

25 08 2007

happy merdeka sweety! u remind me when i was ur age ( which is not soooo long ago la :p kekeke)
i love my country too.

Happy Merdeka

25 08 2007

kasihan….Had been brain-washed by BN goverment.
What a perfect world only exist in our very deep imagination!!!!
It would be better if it exists!!!UTOPIA!!

25 08 2007

I lost my childhood best friend when I was 16 – to the tudung. She became very race and religion conscious. She kept to her race and avoided me after that. It broke my heart. I hope you’ll not do that to any of your best friends when you turned 16. A happy Merdeka to you and your family.

25 08 2007

You are such a blessed little girl
You make uncle think that I should start having ‘foreign’ friends
You have lots of MERDEKA DAY ahead of you
I wish you all the best and God bless Malaysia and Malaysian

25 08 2007

You are such an adorable kid!!!

25 08 2007
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25 08 2007

If you ever go into politic when you’re grown. Tear down the wall that divided us.
Wheather we’re Malay, Chinese or Indian, we’re all Malaysian. I’m sure many Chinese and Indian girls would love to be your friends.

25 08 2007

That’s a nice post. I enjoy reading it. Your parents did well. I’m really glad you had good friends from other ethnic race, and hope that you’ll keep them for another 50 years regardless of the real situation and problems faced amongst ethnic races in Malaysia.

I have a daughter 5 years younger and she plays with her Malay and Indian friends in her kindergarten. And I liked watching them being close, and I hope they can be like that for another 50 years.

For now, I have to work very late everyday to save enough money for my daughter’s future education. Do you know why? I’ll leave it to you to find out and think about it.

Have a Nice Mederka Day!

25 08 2007

At last my notebook is up. Aisha, the thoughts you put to words are what I have always wanted and wished for, for Malaysia and Malaysians. Dont pay too much attention to some of the negative and demotivating comments you received. Just stay focused on this belief that in the future Malaysia will depend only on you and your generation. Your ability to mix with Malaysians of other races is a gift from God. Treasure this gift. Enrich yourself with this gift. Dont lose this gift Aisha. God love You and yours.

25 08 2007
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25 08 2007

Good job done. I have little brother and sister around your age and you really remind me of them (i live far away from them). Need to go home this week.. Rindu sgt2 🙂

Anyway, just live up to your dream love. Believe it and then someday it will be really there for you. In my childhood, i believe one day there will be a way for people to connect together.. then come internet!

Keep up the good work, and Good Believe ..

25 08 2007

Jadilah manusia dan bukan orang tak malu yang takde sensitiviti macam “dier” tu. Kui3.

25 08 2007
ZH Huang

Hi Girl

Keep it up with the colour-blind approach to life. The system will try to change you. Ketuanan Melayu will be beckoning and you may fall for it – it is addictive and you may not get off it. You will learn to think that the world owe things to you especially your non-Malay Malaysian friends. They pay taxes, but do not get equal representation. Continue to keep in touch with your non-Malay friends.

Pray for our Sultan and DYMM Yang Di Pertuan Agong. May God bless then with wisdom and sense of fairness, love for his people of all races, courage to speak up and good health always. My favourites are Raja Nazrin who is so learned and sensible. Sultan Azlan Shah whom I hold in very high regard as I am an Anak Perak. Also, under the naungan of Sultan Selangor who spoke up for us numerous times, I proclaim: Daulat Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku, Daulat Tuanku.

Girl, hopefully, one day, the wise Raja Raja will win the heart of the ALL of us regardless of race and we shall be led to the right path again. With our prayers, you never know.

Uncle Huang

25 08 2007


You are a lovely girl! Your blog is very touching.
Keep up the good work and maintain your positive attitude.

26 08 2007

Let’s pray together to have better country, better world.

26 08 2007
Never Ending Parasitest

Hi I can see you have a happy and wounderful life, you like your country and your country like you. I am 11 years old from Kapit Sarawak, I stay in the long house. Our place is very beautiful but not going to stay that way for long. My grand father told me that we were happy people and we have a wounderful life with so much of resouces like the whold forest and also our state has a lot of oil. Having joined Malaysia since 1963 we have lost more and more because the forest are being removed my selfish politicians, they claim planting oil palm is better but this really give a lot of enviromental distruction to our land.
Our oil resouces is being removed by Petronas and used to fund all those failed project in West Malaysia. My father told me that RM4.6billion is going down for a failed project PKFZ, before that it was Bank Bumi Finance, Perwaja etc. Our state has so much resouces but non is being give back to our Iban and Dayaks. I am a Christian and my teacher told me that our country is a islamic country now, this make me very sad because when we join Malaysia we never join a islamic country. To me Osama is islam and all those UMNO bad guys are also islam. I don’t undestand what has religion got to do with politics and why make it so important in our country.

26 08 2007

Darling, your essay has reminded us what being Malaysian truly means. ‘Tis a dark hour and you are a flickering candle of hope for all of us who have been staring at a blank wall in despair.

Somehow, I felt nostalgic reading this. Thank you.

26 08 2007

Even though I am a Malay, I have Chinese best friends too.

Indicated the situation in Malaysia that Malay and Chinese are actually hard to become best friends.

u r young generation of hope! as a rakyat Malaysia, I m proud of u!

27 08 2007

Thank you for reminding me how beautiful Malaysia is. Thank you for reminding me that Rukunegara… Its been years since the last time I recite it… Used to recite it every morning in school.

Yes its true, each time I stepped inside Malaysian Airlines plane, I smell that special Malaysia smell… Nice… Their satay is delicious… Can’t resist it…

You are still young and innocent, full of desire and willingness to see every new day everyday. How I wish I could turn back time, really enjoy my life when I was your age… Enjoy your life, be strong… Study hard and enjoy it. Its OK having B in BM, as long as you still treasure its as your own national language.

It give me great pleasure to wish you All The Best for your future endeavour. And also ‘Selamat Hari Merdeka’. Unlike me, you’ll live to see 100th Hari Kebangsaan… Hehehe…

May God Bless you, child.


27 08 2007
I am chinese

1) Thanks for your sharing.

2) Please let me know what you want to be

3) Are you sure NOW is better then your grand father time?

4) Malaysia is beautiful cause of Eye on Malaysia, the Petronas Twin Towers and the KL Tower?

What about everyone just sit together in any place have meal together and live peaceful with justice. Which one is better ha……….?

Once again think carefully, you want to be a MALAYSIAN’S MALAYSIA

27 08 2007

i am chinese, i hope mostly malays have the thinking just like u, a pure childish thinking, is so beautiful and kind. but so poor, because our “smart politician” making the conflict, many malays in the kampung (city not so bad,but still have some ) is see chinese as the enemy. u small so currently u dont know, but after few year, u will see it.

28 08 2007
cypherious maximus

cute. thats how it usually is at first. I hope you grow up to be a good leader and shake things around, for the better, open up peoples eyes.

29 08 2007

Sorry dear, I am late leaving a comment here.

This is your best posting so far. I am, as usual, very very very proud of you. See you again next week my 11-year-old friend.

p/s: I was reading the Potter chatroom last night, the one that log on my laptop, whoooooaaa…. best!

1 09 2007
Never Ending Parasitest

I found a Merdeka song with a lot of Delima for the Malays kids.

Not sure if they have found the answer!

5 09 2007

Satu pandangan dari seorang kanak kanak yang menarik. Semoga bila dewasa menjadi seorang patriot, macam ayahandanya juga.

28 05 2008

I truly admire your blog on Malaysia.
It was truly a touching and memorable masterpiece.
Honestly telling, I myself feel the pride every time I searched for Malaysian Planes Images.
Ive been abroad and my experience was the same as yours. I felt so much better and safer the moment I entered the giant-metal-structure; MAS Plane.
And when I’m outside, the name Malaysia gives me the highest hope to excel in everything that I’m doing. Malaysia takes care of their people very well. I might not be excellent as I am now without their help for the poor. Malaysia, A utopia for the living… Thank you Malaysia…

8 07 2008

After reading all that, its evident that you have a lot of love for your country, a real patriotic young girl. I’m an 18 year old Malay Muslim as well, but i was born and raised in Australia. I’ve been to my ‘motherland’ (Malaysia) once which was a while back, i dont remember it actually it, i was about 5 years old. I wish to return back there hopefully in the near future. I really want to see my ethnic race in a broader perspective. I’ve lived my life around caucasians, my lifestyle and such has all been moulded through the Australian way of life instead of the Malay way. Yea anywais, enough about me lol. thanks for writing this blog up, it was really interesting and brought the Malay love out of me =]


29 12 2008

Thank you. This is how Malaysia and its people should be. Don’t ever change. It is just so…so very very sad that this isn’t how our nation is all the time.

I once when to a school where the divide between people was so cleanly seen. It was as if a line had been drawn in the sand, telling you who you can and can not be friends with. If you tried to step over that line and make friends, people on the other side would tell you to get lost and go away. And the people on your side would call you a traitor. The teachers were no help as they too helped to imposed that line. I hated that school.

Don’t ever change. And while you grow up, don’t ever listen to people who draw lines on the ground and demand you take sides.

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