Ten Differences between Mama and Papa

21 08 2007

One, Papa go for ‘meetings’ in the middle of the night. Mama go to meetings in the middle of the day.

Two, Papa don’t bother or is too lazy to write his plans on paper or tell us his plans. All are done in his head! Mama writes everything in her planner and mind mapping everything she does.

Three, Papa just watch anything on tv and he is a tv addict. Mama watches only her favorites such as Grey’s Anatomy and Desperate Housewives.

Four, Papa plans all the traveling. Mama doesn’t like travel-planning.

Five, Papa play the ‘piano’. Mama sleeps.

Six, whenever Papa says goodbye we have to wait for another 15 minutes before actually leaving. Mama says ‘Goodbye’ and leave.

Seven, Papa watches classics and true story war-ish movies. Mama watches my favourite movies.

Eight, Papa buy me classic music cds. Mama buy me the ‘in’ artists’ music cds.

Nine, Papa doesn’t let me buy my movie cds. Mama let me buy my movie cds.

Ten, Papa is a man. Mama is a woman.

I love them both!


*Photo taken at Windsor Palace, Berkshire, England with a VW Passat rented from Euporecar of Selfridges.




6 responses

22 08 2007
Biggum Dogmannsteinberg


I know my way around the streets of London, all over England, Paris, Southern California. I don’t think your mother know that.


yeah, sure, whatever

22 08 2007

Dearests Aishah,

I think one more difference is that, Papa – Aisyah gigit dia. Mama – I don’t think you do!

Take care Aishah. Got to go to a meeting “in the middle” of the day!

22 08 2007
Biggum Dogmannsteinberg


I am a ‘battered’ husband and father! The feline aka Girl-Girl’s Mama bite me too…………….

Sob, sob! 😦

yeah, sure, whatever

22 08 2007

i like the 8th the best.

papa is not a geek, is he?

23 08 2007
Biggum Dogmannsteinberg


Hey, I’m a cultured bloke, lah! What lah you? You want me to teach her underground music????

This week, she learnt about Mika’s song. Its almost driving me up the wall!

Hahhahahahahahahahahhahahahahahhahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha 🙂

23 08 2007

eh big bro,

is this the lebanese-born Mika Pennimen guy you’re talking about?

btw aishah, i wonder if britney spears is still the ‘in’ thing? ‘abang’ ketinggalan zaman sikit la…hahahhaha…

britney spears are no longer ‘in’. but hilary duff, akon, vanessa anne hudgens, ashley tisdale, corbin bleu etc. are ‘in’

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