Taking My Feet Off Sabah

12 06 2007

Yesterday was my last day in Sabah. As usual, Mama and I went swimming but not the ususal swimming pool in front of our balcony, its the Pacific Magellan Club’s swimming pool. 1 of the pools is used for swimming races while the other is for kids because it has a slide. We went to the one with the slide. It is called the Infinity Pool because there is a stair like side where the water will go down and recycle. Opposite the stair like side is the marine. From a certain angle, it looks like the pool water is going down and mixing with the sea and going to the end of the world. But actually it isn’t.

After that, we went up and I had my last dip inside the bathtub while Mama was packing the bags. Our flight that day was at 1710. Immediately after I had a splash and actually bathed, we were ready to check out. Papa said that we are to buy more telur penyu, about 30 more. So after buying the turtle eggs, we went to the airport to check in our stuff, but first we stopped by the side so that Mama could keep the turtle eggs and organize a bit more stuff.


So Mama and me got off to check inn the bags while Papa waited because he wanted the aircon and also because he would be too tired to push the bags when I could be pushing the bags. Our bags were actually overloaded, because of the ice from the tiger prawns.

That was at 1500 so Papa called Uncle Lemboot and asked if they were at home but actually he was in a meeting and he said he would be out in and hour’s time. To kill the time, Papa brought us around Sabah. At last, we went to Uncle Lemboot’s apartment and waited for him to come home. We waited there doing nothing. A few minutes later, Uncle Lemboot called Papa and said to go to the airport since it is nearer to his meeting place and we would be there anyway.

When we got there, Aunty Noon bought us a little something – seashell potpourris. That was at 1600. We walked to the terminal and got into the waiting lounge. While waiting, Mama brought me to a shop to buy some postcards.

After buying 5 postcards, the people with children have to board first so I was the 3rd family with children to board the plane. The family before me was a family of 7 and the 1st one was a family of 3. dscn1148.jpg

During the flight, very nice stewardess’ treated us like royalty. There was a Japanese stewardess, named Mayumi, who made the Japanese announcements. She was very helpful because Mama got 2 seats in front in the middle row and 1 seat next to the window. Papa couldn’t fit in the seat in the middle row because the handrest cannot go up so Mayumi talked the Japanese man that was supposed to sit where I was sitting to the place next to Mama in the front.


When we reached the airport, Uncle Bazlan promised to pick us up so while waiting, Mama and me bought some chocolates for my cousins. When Uncle Bazlan came, he told us that he wanted to see a friend that was leaving and going back to Japan for a while. To kill the time, Papa drove around the airport. Once we got home, We were exhausted.

This holiday was great fun!




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2 03 2008

You should know better than to eat Turtle Eggs – they are endangered and their populations cannot support sustainable harvesting while the human population in Asia continues to increase. It’s a very selfish act to deny future generations the opportunity to observe these graceful creatures.

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