1…..2…..3 Days

10 06 2007

Its the third day in Sabah and I woke up to go swimming – again. After some pool-soaking time, Atok called me and asked me to buy telur penyu while I was updating my blog. I told Papa and he said to go turtle egg-hunting after this.

After another hour soaking in the bathtub which is full of water while Mama and Papa were getting ready, we are off to the Filipino Market.

Later, after Papa had parked the car in front of the Handicraft Market, we got down to buy turtle eggs, ikan terubok masin, telur ikan terubok masin and tiger prawns. Papa bought 120 turtle eggs, 25 ikan terubok asin and about 95 tails of tiger prawns. Atok was very happy when he got the news that we bought that all for him. After loading the 195 seafood into the Estima, Mama and I went off to buy pearls for Wan.

That evening, we went to the pool. After some time in the pool, we waded over to the pool bar and ate some french fries with a banana split. We also waded longer then we usually do so we got to see a beautiful sunset. We took a lot of pictures in and out of the pool, especially at sunset. Papa got some artistic pictures of Mama and me.

Then, as usual, we went to Garden Seafood to eat seafood. We ordered softshell crabs and deep fried squids. But the menu changed – Mama wanted red lobster because it was our last night there and also it was the special promotion that night. I ordered Chinese fried rice, as usual but Papa ordered it with chicken, squid and small prawns. When Papa first tasted the lobster, he was speechless until he slaped his thigh. After he found words, he said it was DELICIOUS. I also tasted that the softshell crab was nicer that day then the days before. I thought that the fish and crabs knew that this will be out last time eating at this restaurant and eating them so they made themselves taste good.

Now you know the routine to our holiday here at the Magellan Sutera Harbour.




3 responses

11 06 2007

Dahling, I dont know about you but it may look like I have to take half-a-day to walk round your Papa. Back to school yah?

16 06 2007
A Voice

Oi! Makan telor penyu sorang ye!

22 06 2007
The Lordship

Dear Girl,
Actually I missed having meals with your father. We used to spend time eating together years back. Having him as a companion was enough to boost my apetite. I have been promising myself to enjoy a lunch or dinner or at least a teh tarik with your Papa. I am not sure when though. Please send my best regards to your Papa and Mama.

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