2nd Day at Kota Kinabalu

6 06 2007

Today is the second day at Sabah. I went to the Filipino Market by the Sutera Harbour shuttle bus. Mama and me bought some pearls for me, Mama, Wan and mama’s friend. I bought pencil holders for my friends.

After that, Aunty Noon and Uncle Lemboot lent us their red Estima Toyota. The reasons are because they want to encourage us to go to the other places in Sabah and the other reason is because they are not here this Thursday.


Later in the day, we went swimming. We ordered a banana split and some fries. There was a mini restaurant at the edge of the pool. I love playing near the chairs there.

Then, we went to yesterday’s restaurant to eat dinner. I ate softshell crabs, Chinese fried rice and deep fried squids. Mama and Papa ate the softshell crabs, deep fried squids, mangrove crabs and geoduck shell. It was a delicious dinner.




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