Mothers’ Day Poem

30 05 2007

Dearest Mothers

Mothers, Mothers,

You are the best,

Like a bird, produce its young in a nest,

You give birth to us with pride and pain,

Even though you are in pain, you can give birth to another baby again.

You teach us with pride and love,

About everything under the sky and above,

Like the stars, planets and buildings,

Now I know a lot from your teachings.

Mothers teach us safety rules,

So that we can go safely to our schools.

Our mothers do nice stuff for us,

So that we won’t make a fuss.

You are very special,

Just like a flower’s petal.

Goodbye now, goodbye now,

I am saying to you,


Remember to smile,

Don’t feel lonely and blue.

I wrote this poem for 2004 Mother’s Day poem contest. They selected my poem as the best poem for primary school in Petaling Jaya. The local MP came to the Mothers’ Day celebration and gave me the 1st prize. I got a hamper of stationeries, a cheese cake from Secret Recipe and a certificate. I was very proud but my mother was not able to attend because she was sitting for her MBA exams 😦





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