I Met Bloggers At Mee Rebus

30 05 2007

I started this blog because i was inspired by my father’s blog. He is known as BigDogDotCom, www.bigdogdotcom.wordpress.com. I met some bloggers at Aunty Maria’s Mee Rebus in Kelana Jaya on Tuesday. I met famous bloggers like Rocky, Nuraina Samad, Zorro, Galadriel and ShanghaiStephen. They look like fun people because they talked to me and make me feel like I belong with them. I also enjoyed the food 🙂




3 responses

31 05 2007

enjoy yr food but control your diet girl.

31 05 2007
aunty maria

Hi Aishah

It was so nice of you to accompany yr dad to my house & am glad you like my mee rebus.

Thank you dear – you are just so polite.

You have a nice blog. And you write well too.

Way to go my dear.

Do come again & ask yr dad to bring along yr mom.

Take care.

Aunty Maria

2 06 2007
ena samad

Hi Aishah,

It was a delight to see you at our Tuesday Mee Rebus session. Your papa is so lucky to have a daughter like you. And you are so lucky to have a sporting father like your papa.

Hope to see you again.
Take care, Aishah.
And say hello to your mama.

Aunty Ena

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